Please critique my play, help me step my game up!

Hey guys, I need your help to step my game up! I started playing in AE2012, mainly playing with Dudley, and while i feel like I’ve improved a bit, i’m still pretty scrublicious at this game. I was hoping you guys could checkout some game-play of me getting destroyed and help me figure out some ways to improve.

I feel like i struggle the most against charge and defensive characters that just block and crouch tech all day, ESPECIALLY Bison as his mk is so annoying to get by. From my own analysis of me play, I see that I sometimes jump in way too often to generate offense, or hit too many Fierce punches, that are punished with focus as a result. I also feel like my hit confirms are pretty garbage, i’ve tried practicing in the lab with the dummy on random block but i still feel pretty bad.
I’m hoping to find a deal to buy a stick this black friday weekend (or if not a ps2 controller and adapter) since i feel like the pad on my 360 controller is pretty meh, although it’s not to blame completely for my crappy execution. I hope you guys can help, if anyone wants to run sets I play on steam (steam name Moe1355).

-You jump WAY too much. You jump more than any dudley I’ve ever seen and at the wrong ranges too.
-You need to slow down and be more patient. especially when playing zoning characters like gouken, you’re playing as if you’re trying to overload them but you’re just throwing out unsafe pressure and not hit confirming.

  • jab jab throw is good but you’re basically doing it off autopilot. regardless if you hit them with fwd mk jab jab you were still doing the throw afterwards. your first priority should be to hit confirm into something.
  • with dudley until you get in you should be staying at the very furthest just outside of the other characters longest poke.
    -full screen ex mgb, i will admit that there have been times that i have used this when someone is being really dumb aka “asleep at the wheel” but you gotta keep that down to an extreme minimum. shit is too punishable.

I agree with Sassy.
You need to slow down more. You are applying pressure and getting punished. Be more careful with full screen MGBs and missed uppercuts (too punishable). You are using a lot of jumps to get in. Maybe you can dash or duck sometimes instead of jumping so much to get in. Probably light duck to recover faster. Better anti-airs which is a common curse of most Dudleys.
I think you are on the right track though. Matches were enjoyable to watch you just need to work on some points.

These guys have said it all basicly. But in the interest of improving your game. Try restricting yourself in matches. Say, for instance, no jumping in, or no throwing. If you learn to open people up without the things your currently relying on then your game will get alot stronger.
Also don’t care about winning when trying to learn stuff. Trying to win at all costs will hinder learning more than help it. Winning will come later. :smiley:

Truer words are hard to come by.