Please.. Dear God. Someone help me. TE Allen Screw Problem


I think I have the world’s worst luck.

I posted in the check out my stick thread the other day about snapping a qd whilst changing my art and plexi. Well, today I bought a crimping tool and a new qd to fix it. Thinking finally I can get this working. When removing the last allen screw/bolt from the top, it’s stripped, and I can’t get the allen key to stay in place. I’ve since tried every other tool I have to see if it can grip it enough to loosen a little and I’ve just made the problem worse.

Please please please can someone suggest how to get this motherfucking bolt out. I’m literally pulling my hair out. All I wanted was to swap my art and buttons and without boring you all with the details some stupid shit has gone wrong at every single opportunity!

Is it advisable/possible to open it up from the bottom and loosen it that way? I’d rather not if it’s avoidable but I’m willing to if need be.

I got my TE 2nd hand and I don’t know what the last guy did to it, or if it was just made shittily in the first place but the allen bolts were rusty and shit when I got it, and the qd that snapped was all bent out of place before I even tried to remove it. I’m really not happy lol, I just want something to play on :frowning:


haha… okay…
your going to want to TAPE AROUND THE SCREW as much as possible for what I’ll tell you to do so you dont mess anything up on that plexi you got.

after you tape around the whole screw take a dremel and cut a horizontal line across the screw head… dont cut too deep cause you will cut through your plexi!.. once you cut the line across the screw head use a slotted (flathead) screwdriver and remove the bolt.

you can also drill it out but thats more damage than you want if things go wrong…

the allen bolts on top of the TE get rusty just by skin contact you have when playing… it happens


you could just try a small flathead and press really hard as you turn. Thats what i do


if a dremel isnt handy a small file would work as well. The tape is a good idea though as I have had the dremel get away from me more than once



My dad has a dremel, so hopefully I can convince him to drive it to me. Otherwise I’m gonna wait 2 weeks til I see him next and I’ve had enough time not being able to play as is.

I apologise for being dramatic, haha, but what should have been the easiest mod in the world has cost me so much fricking time and money you wouldn’t believe! My nerd rage when this happened was going through the roof lmao.


If that doesn’t work you can get a sacrificial allen wrench or screw and use JB Weld or possibly superglue or some epoxy to glue your sacrificial allen wrench/screw to the stripped one. Or you can get a screw extractor and try that.


I thought of this! But figured there was probably a better way, lol. Thanks, I have a few suggestions to be trying now. I feel much calmer, lol.


Well if the screw is stripped you’re probably going to want to replace it regardless of what solution you use to remove it.


Yea it’s getting replaced regardless. I just don’t want to risk getting superglue anywhere near my plexi. I’ll try the dremel first and then go the glue route if for some reason it doesn’t work.

Though it’s preferable to not have to get either glue or a dremel near the plexi I suppose, but these things happen. Unfortunately they all seem to happen to me :frowning: lol

I’ll be sure to tape up whatever method I end up using.


Stripping of the bolts is most likely the result of using a english size hex key instead of metric.

I was able to replace my bolts with these. These require a 2.5mm hex key.
M4 x .7 x 12mm Button Head Socket Screws - Red Anodized Qty. 25

if you want a different color you can select from here. You are looking for M4 12mm or 14mm bolts.

not sure why these are so expensive, but if you need black ones.


Two words:



I’m having the same problem now and it’s horrible. Just my luck, no dremel either:(

Any other ideaS?


As mentioned above, filing a groove will do the trick. Then you can use a screwdriver to unscrew it

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