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Reserved, just in case. I’ll get the ball rolling later when I wrap up tonight’s session. My first impression of this game is positive and I know SRK can deliver some top tier (Classes!) discussion.

Before I get back to playing, their choice of theme for the credits is pretty amusing.


Yeah, the credits are badass.

And right now, I’m getting the highest amount of points/kills with the mage, but I see a lot of potential in the ranger, too.


This game is crack! The guys that did this game are some clowns.:rofl:


It’s pretty fun. I’m a sergeant currently, favorite class being the priest.


This is definitely the hypest PS3 downloadable game I’ve played. I can’t wait to see all the strategies get undisocovered. I won’t be sleeping for a while.


The Mage is definitely a top contender for a chart topper. On the ocean shore map, I played the entire game in the bottom lane and pretty much all skirmishes happened there. I scored just under 5000, and got ranked up to Warlord. At the end of game my toon popped up with a scythe and hood and stood there laughing. :cool:

It’s the only class in the game that has AoE crowd control, aside from the chicken potions(are there any other effects to these?). It feels like a Worker has the same mid-range advantage, but focuses on damaging. Bombs are solid. Good range with charge, knock-back on hit and great damage to groups. On Mage, I would use charge Ice to stop Warriors and Mages and to keep enemies off the Priest. Charge fire would come into play for quick group damage or to take a little risk and run closer to the enemy Priests and hit them with the fleeing enfeeble to get them out of combat. When stealing the Princess, having a Mage to support the runner/s is way too good.

We had so much fun tonight. The four of us had great synergy, and when we got into that groove(6AM?) we were just steamrolling. GGs! :party:

I am definitely looking forward to be matchmaking here and playing this game in a strong, coordinated style.


Had a lot of fun taking it for a test run for an hour. Very fun, but deep enough that I’m trying to find some strategy in each map. Favorite class being the Worker.



I’m currently a Sergeant, and also LOVING the priest. I love switching from Life steal to Heal on the Fly. We ran a Solid Priest Warrior, Ice Mage group last night… Pretty much ran the game all Night!


I really want to buy this…

I cant’ afford it but might buy it anyways. It seems like you guys like it so that’s a plus, I was waiting for a few reviews to pop up.


this game is top notch. I only was able to connect to a few games online. Are people using mics on this? Cuz i might consider getting one if people are actually communicating. So for I’m all about the ranger.


This game is fun. I needed a game like this. Something quick I can just hop on for a bit. Though the connection issues doesn’t really have the quickness. Still a pretty cool game though.

Add me, Xstars. I find it easier to join a game a friend is already in.

Probably gonna buy a mic this weekend.


this game is mad fun and my fav class is Priest I wonder what they are going to do with DLC cuz in their options menu has a Fat downloads selection also ill add you Shinkuu


i’m loving the game and its fun. =D. Now i need to find out what is the IP for my ps3 and going to forward the ports.


I’m feeling the ranger alot!


So I dedicated the night to playing Worker. I played CTF and Invasion*****.

I’m sure beta testers, RTS players, and Risk fanatics (conquer the territory, conquer the resources, conquer the world.) are well aware to the importance of this class.

I learned winning the battle for the central outpost is the obvious start-game advantage. It’s important for the Workers to synchronize and destroy metal deposits as quickly as possible to start the respawn timers. I found a good rhythm with another Worker, we would charged hit the deposit, depleting it and getting three ores in six hits. We would both run the ore back to the nearest outpost, one of us taking the final piece and the other starting his hits on the next deposit. Starting with the opposing team’s side of deposits is a good idea. When reinforcements hit the outpost it’s better to be near yours, instead of stranded and away from the healing and meat-bags.

Getting the Worker to Tier 2 at the start is solid because the bombs give your team an edge at outpost defending. Like I said, holding this outpost is tremendously helpful as it gives your team quicker access to the second tier classes. If you can accomplish this, good teamwork will bully Tier 1 groups and you can be the first to harass the enemy’s Castle with siege builds and bomb runs.

I guess in a nutshell I would say:

  • Not to quote Ono-san, but the start of the game is important like Chess and Worker shines here.
  • Fight for resource control first and defend to support your Worker’s at the central outposts.
  • T2 Worker is probably the best first upgrade.
  • When the upgrade is available help your Outpost Worker gank a nearby enemy Worker for the hat. Easy to spot with the map, and you’ll always find a noob/bot lurking.
  • The Worker’s harvesting wood should upgrade locally. They’re also the ones performing the upgrades in the Castle.
  • Just like with RTS, having the correct amount of Workers is necessary. Having an abundance or too few can be detrimental to the team.

What are your opinions on upgrade order? Lets talk about the order that could give your team the quicker edge. A little bit of theory crafting here but what about T2 Worker, T2 Mage, then the Catapult for instant reinforcements. I’m not sure about this and it’s definitely map-specific but I think the directional influence mechanic will get your teammates where they need to be as soon as possible. But this will give your a team a very formidable group at the Central Outpost because the synergy between T2 Mage and Worker is just too godlike… I mean seriously, AoE binding effect+bombs? Since you got the advantage on metal ore first, you could send one metal harvester to help out the wood harvesters to quickly finish up the remaining upgrades.

*****Invasion is cool, I’m still loving the traditional CTF-play but I think the extra modes have respectable playability. It’s the same idea as WoW’s Arathi Basin BG, what do you guys think of it?

@Septimus Prime, I had a moment in a game today that was just inspired by your avatar. I caught an enemy running a bomb to our Castle’s wall a little too late and he landed it right on target. I chose to pick that bomb up and run with it… unfortunately it exploded in my hands but lucky for my team it was far enough away from the wall to do no damage.


This game is amazing. I am just messing with all classes to get a feel for what i am best at right now.

However, I wanna team up with people that understand the game better so we can execute actual plans like catapulting into a base with a small squad and totally bring a balanced group to deal with the response. ie- someone brings the chicken potion, bring an ice mage charging his burst for when they swarm us, and two warriors to outlast enemy fire. Then have a second group of AOE spammers and healers to assist us in the escape outside the castle.

please do hit me up on psn if you wanna start planning team based objectives, rather than running around trying to be pro at soloing and helping your team little :slight_smile:

cha cha


Talk about taking one for the team. I would use a salute smiley if one existed but you get this instead. :clapdos:

Anyways, to go into detail about this game I’m kind of disappointed with it as it’s nowhere near as strategic as I thought it would be and it’s mostly due to twitch mechanics. Yes, there is that initial bit of strategy of grabbing key outposts, resource management, and having the right number of unit classes but it a random online scenario this isn’t happening consistently.

Point whoring in this game is far too easy with specific classes.

10 points per kill and 5 points for an assist.
Worker gets 10 points per chopped tree/mined rock.
10 points to whoever brings resources to an outpost.
Priest gains 1-3 points as they heal 1 person and 10 points when that person is fully healed. So if there’s a lot of health to heal you gain a lot of points. Wide spread healing nets you 4-9 points per person and depends on how long you hold down square.
Dark Priests mass drain can net you around 20-40 points on average the longer you hold it down and depending on how many people you drain.

Not hard to say that good workers and priests tend to top the rounds very quickly.

In terms of destructive force T2 Rangers are the best, followed by T2 Mages, and then T2 Priests.

I find priests absolutely critical in Team Deathmatch rooms and 3 Priests supporting your army is just rape. If the priests co-ordinate with each other then you can get mass fully charged wide spread healing in 2-3 second intervals. That’s pretty much full health for your team every 2-3 seconds. There’s nothing that can be done to stop that unless your priests are taken out but that’s the beauty of having 3 as they are constantly healing each other during those wide spread heals. The counter is to freeze them with a mage. Stops the healing cold but that’s if you can get through the army first.


Today i was playing on the rocky desert stage i forgot what its called but we we were at the bridge right outside of their base and we had 2 soldiers with shields up with priests healing them and archers in the back with maybe a mage or 2 and they couldnt do anyting about it and we stopped them right there for like the whole round while out other guys catapulted to the other side to capture the princess


This game is fun but i cannot join a game for the life of me. I get an error everytime, its a little ridiculous. The only time i’ve been able to join online games is if one of my friends is in a game, then i can join his. NAT type 2 so i dunno whats wrong.