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Edit: Found outlet thread

[s]Hey, sorry if this is breaking any rules and I’d be fine with taking it down and all that, but - anyway, I’m selling my Madcatz SFxT PRO fightstick, which will end in 2 days; Right now its at $100. It’s in good condition with minor tiny scratches and its fairly new, all parts are Sanwa. I also included SF4 and SSF4 AE games with a bonus white ball top and slim dust cover. Everything is in great condition and sale ends this coming Monday 12:19am. I need to make a buck as I picked on a new expensive hobby this summer and I’d like to really explore it. If you know anyone that needs an arcade stick would you kindly share this link with them, thank you.

shorter link

Putting up the ebay link



There’s, like, a whole specific forum for selling/trades.

Nice stick though, looks well looked after.


yeah just found it, oops.