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please delete


Wrong forum, but I’ll chime in.

The immediate problem with this project is tournament support. Let’s face it, if this fan-made version of SF4 isn’t played in tournaments (like Project M) then it’s a waste of time. Seeing as how Capcom actively supports their game and the tourney scene, I don’t see this going anywhere. People are playing the game regardless of whether you like the changes or not.


Sorry, I don’t understand your point. Most people who play fighting games online, don’t/can’t go to tournaments. With the lack of edition select from the get-go, mods allow us to do practically anything we want aside from adding our own animations. You can practically build your own fighting game(I’m looking at you Error1).


yeh wrong forum
This is where you need to be


It goes in the USF4 forum you twat. FGD is not for this shit either.


There is a thread for a community modded version of SF4 in FGD - USF4 Remix 1.2 IS OUT NOW (JAN 07 2016)


Yeah, man, you posted in the wrong place, OP. Ha ha ha!


Probably Preppy letting it slight so the SF4 mods don’t get a wedgie over a mod. Meh.