Please Delete!

Item is no longer for sale.

Can you take some pics of the inside of the stick as well as the sides? Does it have a headset port?

Sure. I will admit that the inside ain’t pretty, but it has a fully working (and extended) headset jack on the inside (with an opening in the bottom of the box for the wires), and play and charge adapter thingy…my original post has been updated. Again, I put most of my cosmetic work in to the outside of the box and making that look professional, (e.g. plexiglass fitting perfectly, paint job being perfectly smooth, buttons lining up correctly…) rather than the insides because 99% of the time the insides won’t be showing anyway…Thanks for your interest sir…

Thats real nice Illustrator. Ugly wiring :stuck_out_tongue: but really nice stick!

Thanks man…yeah my wiring is beyond atrocious…LOL!

Wiring is fine, who looks at that stuff anyways. Great price for this stick.

That’s exactly how I feel (about no one seeing the wiring). Thanks for the props kind sir!

Price lowered!

Bump. Still for sale!

Bump…price drop!

Bump…still for sale!

I can’t believe this isn’t sold yet wish I had the dough.

yo! is this the stick that used to have incorrect spelling before? if so, i see you fixed it. still looks fucking great. good luck with the sale!

Yup this the one, I fixed it instantly, LOL. Thanks for the props man!

Item is no longer for sale.