Please diagnose my problem (stick issues)

Whatsup guys. Recently my friends and I have run into some odd issues with a few of our sticks pausing randomly. This may require a little history. I’m not too knowledgeable concerning any electric issues myself. The sticks in question:

-One stock T5 stick
-One stock HRAP2 (blue buttons)
-One Sanwa-modded T5

The hrap has been through some shit. It was dropped from a balcony (not by me), landed in some bushes, and the gate was displaced. This was reworked, was fine, and then started to jump and fierce on it’s own approximately 7-8 months later (very infrequent though). Told this was a loose ground, and his since been fixed. This stick began to pause maybe once or twice earlier in the day when all this shit began.

The stock tekken stick has a button that’s not functioning, but that’s it.

I’ve used the sanwa mod in tournament (on my ps2) and in training mode on the same system without a problem.

So we’re playing MBAA the other night (on a different ps2 than my own), with the stock Tekken (P1) and the Sanwa mod (in P2). We played nearly 100 matches. P1 had about 3 pauses occur intermittently throughout the set. The same stick in P1 was used earlier that day in training mode and worked without issue. Near the end of the set, P1 switched to the hrap, and experienced maybe 1 pause. P2 stick paused (I think after the HRAP was connected) maybe once.

Set finished, and we attempted to play 3rd Strike. HRAP in P1, Sanwa mod in P2. The sanwa stick in P2 suddenly began to pause 5-6 times each match. We switched ports, and the same sanwa stick (now in P1 port) continued to pause repeatedly. We removed the sanwa stick altogether, and had the hrap and stock tekken connected. The port where the sanwa mod had last paused, now paused randomly with whatever stick was connected. We played with the stock stick and sanwa, same thing happened. We switched ps2s (from a fat to a slim) with the sanwa mod connected first, and the same thing happened in whatever port it was connected in (even after connecting a different stick).

We tried connecting just one stick, and went to training mode. Each stick then randomly paused individually, one at a time.

We wanted to try to determine if one of the sticks had fried the ports so we connected a PS2 pad; no issues, no pauses, worked fine.

Ideas? :confused:

Much thanks for whatever info provided.

Anyone? I’m fucking stumped.

if you dont get it fixed in time, ill take a look at it when I’m at your tourny.

Man I appreciate it, though the sanwa stick hasn’t paused again on my system.

Maybe one of the sticks is fucked up and pulling too much power?