Please dont close new items coming soon


Hey peeps,

New items for sale…I have 8 white gamerfingers buttons (6 have blue mx switch/2 have red mx switch) 4 all black and 4 black with yellow plunger gamerfingers (all with red mx switch) and 8 black seimitsu ps-14-gnc buttons all used but in great shape.

Was looking for 35 shipped priority for white gamerfingers, 30 shipped on black/black and yellow gamerfingers, and 26 shipped for seimitsu buttons…and if someone one wants all of of them I cak do 70 shipped.


I see we are looking for similar things haha


Indeed we are @Yenjoi …great minds think alike.


Still looking



i got a nitewalker widebody case, im on my last attempt at completing it, if i mess up the artwork this time, i will sell, as im not buying any more sfac sticks, just so that i can use the box cover for my art, its cost me almost £200 so far

im trying to cut the button inserts for sanwa clears but i keep messing up…

anyways, its mint, comes with bottom plexe, and 2 top plexeis, 6 & 8 button blast city layout

no feet, maple wood (finished)


That is a little out if my price range but I appreciate the offer.


That is edited my wtb…please hit me up.


@Yenjoi ya got anything ? Lol


Nothing :frowning:


I’ve got a mint nhtran. bought off someone local for $260. it’s an amazingly solid case.

i think I prefer wood (magocyber, souji) or metal+ wood (like voltech vas-hg-elite). so i’d be willing to trade for something equally as special.

and Slaycruz, missing your Omni already?=)


@skaloola Lol I have some ideas going through my head and I’d take any of the above in the title…you have pics of the nhtran? Pm me maybe we can work out something :slight_smile:


Any luck @slaycruz :frowning:


I got a hold of a se size mago with a handle which is one I initially bought locally… But the person I sold it to sold it back to me for cheap and its basically in like new condition… Just needs parts and pcb… Well buttons and PCB… But honestly I’m wanting a nhtran or a metal case now @Yenjoi


You lucky lucky man


Bumpskies :smiley:


@slaycruz not sure if this is in an alternative for you…

But if so, you might want to check out this guy’s work… @Mekishiko

SRK thread: [WTS: BLANK HAPP AND SANWA STYLE JOYSTICK ENCLOSURES](WTS: Blank HAPP and Sanwa style joystick enclosures

Etsy Page: MekTek Geekery and Custom Electronics

I don’t think dude is making cases anymore, but when I reached out to him last year, he was trying to move a lot of old stock at really good prices!!!

His contact info is in the SRK thread :wink:


Added WTS items…new Gamerfinger buttons black with white plunger 8 for 40 shipped. A SE sized Magocyber case with handle 110 shipped and new silent jlf kit for 30 shipped and VF5 Final Showdown arcade stick with box for 150 shipped since its jard ti find…pics will be up shortly


Added MKX Pad for PS3/PS4…Used for 15 minutes then back in the box it went… 50 shipped priority…hit me up peeps.


I gotchu


Can I see a pic of the Gamerfinger buttons? Thanks Dood!