Please don't remove trashcan shoryu


please :frowning:


the sound fx in 3s sound like garbage. pun intended.


What is this “Trashcan SRK” you speak of?


The sound effects used in Online Edition are supposedly the original arcade sounds recorded/remastered/etc. In any case, they sound much more booming than any of the past renditions. KO effects feel like atomic explosions, and Shoryukens sound like trashcans.


iif they fix the trash can shoryus with the new patch , well dont download the new patch so you can keep your trash cans shoryus forever…:wgrin:


This made me laugh a whole lot. I love it when the KO whack is way louder than everything else because it makes me jump a little. I don’t know what a trashcan shoryu is, though, since I didn’t play in glorious arcade.


Oro sounds like he’s purring instead of snoring on OE. I like this.

I’m guessing the reason things sound different (if they did in fact take the actual arcade sound files) is that CPSIII had some built in modifier telling the game to play sounds at 70%, 85% etc per individual file. Possibly with built in filters as well. OE kind of just sounds like files were dropped in with no edits and some things sound much worse while some seem fine.