Please explain Arakune

This character confuses me to no end.

I understand that the character has a number of overheads (not sure if this is the right term for this game, moves that hit you while you are blocking low is what I mean), and is very fast / evasive.

What I don’t understand is the attack that puts these pink/black rings around your character and stuff comes flying from all over the place at you. I am always doing fine in the match until these rings come around my character and stuff flies at me and I can’t move because I’m being attacked from every which way.

Currently this seems extremely unfair, maybe if I understood how this attack worked more I’d be able to counter it. Is there any way to get these rings off of you?

Any insight is appreciated,

Thank you.

Are you talking about Calamity Trigger Arakune or Continuum Shift Arakune?

In CT, curse goes away when you hit him.
In CS, it takes multiple curse hits to build up a curse, but you have to wait for curse to time out. Of course, he still can’t make bugs while you’re hitting him…

I’m talking about CS, yes.

I can’t believe you have to wait for it to time out…After tager this is my most hated character for sure.

For what it’s worth, Arakune is quite weak when not in curse mode. If you get cursed, just block as best as you can and you shouldn’t take too much punishment. Of course, you could always attack through it, but you’d best be confident you can keep hitting him if you do that…

The best way to get a good understanding of a character is to do their respective tutorial mode. It really helps with learning how to deal with your more difficult matchups. It also doesn’t hurt to get through their first 5 combo challenges as well.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to not try to attack and check him out in tutorial/challenge mode

Arakune: Seeing skills from the reciving end

Most of what I’ve found is that he has great evasion like moving through the floor (essentially invincibility frames) then tagging people with the drive so that they get bombarded while you back away. It’s a very unique play style.

Arakune CS is a great Hit and Run style of Character untill he gets curse… then his pressure becomes insane because any hit can turn into 10K damage when you think about how his new bugs work.
Arakunes usually just play causitiously opportunistic using feints and baits to get people to run into clouds and bellbugs or go all out agressive with Instant Air Dash cancel j.b combos and fishing for airthrow. You have to make the most of your mobility against most due to Arakune having “Glass Blob” Syndrome and most of his moves are very punishable on block as well.

All in all, Hit and run and picking your spots and making the most of your curse is how Arakune generaly rolls
Go through all of the Tutorial modes…I know trials 6-10 for arakune look insane, but for the most part they aren’t that bad until trial #9 (trial 10 is easier than trial #9 IMHO)

arakune>>> o. sagat


lol I wouldn’t go that far. O.Sagat’s keepaway was brutal in a totally different way, thanks to the system.

Also since OP mentioned Tager as another problem character, gonna go out on a limb and say to learn more about your movement options. With characters having double jump, airdash, and sometimes both or even other unique tools, you’re not fully committed to every jump like you are in SF4. Learn how you can bait out certain responses by using movement.

Its just BlazeBlue but Tagor being a magnet type garbage, Noel being spam happy, Arakune trying to get his meter before getting endless combos, well there really isn’t much else when you think of it.

I see you’ve moved on from trolling Street Fighter after failing horribly and being called out repeatedly for not having a clue what you’re talking about, and have now started in on Blazblue which you again clearly do not understand in any way, shape or form.

Honestly just quit playing fighting games kid, you clearly are a button mashing scrub if you honestly believe the shit you say. I don’t understand why you stick around if you hate fighting games as much as you seem to, or have as many problems with them as you say you do. I’m assuming you’re just trying to troll, but you really need some lessons on how to troll. You have to say shit which could at least be considered true, just a controversial opinion.

Tager has to land very specific moves and they have to actually hit you in order to magnetize, and he is exceptionally easy to zone out if you aren’t half retarded. Both he and Noel are bottom tier characters so it’s absolutely hilarious that you’re bitching about them. All Noel can do really is hope she lands her drive and start a combo, and her drive moves have such long startup that it’s easy to just gay her out every game because her zoning game is absolutely terrible.

Arakune’s massive combos can only land if you let him build up curse then hit you with the right move during a curse. Yes, they will eventually land a huge combo, but it’s not like it’s every time if you have half a clue what you’re doing. Arakune is pretty terrible without curse, so if you can maintain pressure while he’s trying to build curse, you can usually either win the round or come exceptionally close to doing so before he lands a curse or does more than 1/4 of your hp. It’s very hard to build curse with somebody right in your face as Arakune, and while he has teleports and such, it tends to get very predictable after awhile if you are good at maintaining pressure.


Arakune’s game revolves around building up curse (the rings you described). While building his curse meter, he plays largely a hit and run style, often keeping his distance and using his great aerials to keep you away while using his drive to bait you into curse building moves. This is a large part of the reason he has a dash which teleports, as well as a teleport fake and an air to ground teleport, as well as an aerial attack which moves him forward.

Once he has curse up, he uses these same moves to bait you into making a blocking mistake, be it by crossing you up or hitting you with an overhead/low attack when you fuck up, which can easily put you into a 20+ hit combo (good Arakunes will almost always end up landing a 40+ hit combo if they get the hit confirm). The only way to learn to beat this is practice, practice and more practice. You need exceptionally good blocking and understanding of the startup frames of his moves in order to survive. Just be patient and watch for mistakes, everyone makes them. At the very least you will be able to jab most if not all Arakunes out of their pressure strings at least once per curse and create some distance between you and him.

CT arakune was retarded