Please explain infraction


Hey I am a new member to this site, and I have found the forums extremely helpful both in improving my Street Fighter skills and modding my arcade stick. Thanks!

After looking over the rules and reading several posts about the do’s and don’t’s of this site, it seems to me that you can get an infraction pretty easily. What exactly does this mean? Is it a warning or a temporary ban? Would someone please explain the repercussions of getting infracted to me, it doesn’t sound like something good and I’d like to avoid them.

Thanks again.


Google: “g3nshir0”, “genshir0_”

You’re welcome.

As I see it.


Usually just avoid trying to hurt a mods feelings & you will be fine…One of the mods here name Valaris loves dick pics so you can bribe him with that…


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Infractions are like warnings. 3 strikes you’re out!


Word. Thanks for the quick responses. I hope I don’t get an infraction for not posting this in the Newbie section…


i have two, can’t even remember what for :frowning:


You get them random sometimes, I got one for saying where Albert Wesker dies in Resident Evil 5, 3 months after Resident Evil 5 came out!!

I got banned for 1 day as well for something, I have no idea what for and it may have been a mistake since I didnt get an infraction, but that was years ago, I havent got one in a long ass time but for a while it seemed like the mods were being pretty liberal with the infractions.

But yeah, dont hurt their feelings, and you probably will never get one. So in the end, just dont post very much.


2 for sub forum violations from Kiets :slight_smile:

and one for apparantly trolling from Blue Flamingo

can’t remember that one, but I remember saltiness involved…


Stop being a whinny girl about it. I hope you get another one for spamming the forums with “look at my sandy vagina” threads.


I think when they expire they don’t count toward a ban, dunno though for sure. Since I got an expired infraction and an expired warning.

But yeah, just don’t do anything incredibly stupid (Shit talk mods/admins, troll constantly, post first) and you are alright to go.


i have gotten 0 infractions since i joined this site :slight_smile:


Let’s change that!

Pics of asian wife please.

Not quite. Different infractions have different amount of points allocated to them, depending on the degree of the issue. For example, trolling is a 2 point infraction while posting porn is 8 points.

4 points=banned for a week,
8=banned for a month
12= year

Once your infraction expires, it stays there but loses its point value.


If you haven’t at least gotten a warning (yellow card) then you aren’t playing the SRK forum game right.


I got one for bumping an old thread with a supposed one-liner. Got another one for quoting an image in IMM. Pretty much, follow the rules of each subforum, and you’ll be good to go. Quit whining.


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Thanks! That’s really helpful- exactly what I was looking for. I’ll try not to piss any of you guys off :slight_smile:

I mainly use this site for Street Fighter advice and doubt I’ll be getting into any heated debates anyway.


its all good, just give yourself some time and before you know it, you’ll be an elitest like us!


Whole lot of butt hurt in here :rofl:


It’s delicious.


Has it always been that? Damn I only had 2, I could have gotten away with a lot more