Please explain this to me

How come so many players seem to enjoy the following two play styles?

  1. Spamming attacks like Chris’s magnum, Deadpool’s guns & Iron man’s unibeam for teh entire match.

  2. Using the same one combo per character for every fight?

I know that these are easy ways to get a win but I fail to see how doing the exact same thing continuously can be enjoyable :confused:

I think this covers both bases

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Uh oh, you broke the code. Unibeam spam is top tier, iron man is shooting to the top of the ranks! Why didn’t we think of this strat before??

Daaaaaavid Sirrrrrrloooinnnn.

Lol you are the scrub. Go back to call of duty.

Keep away is the toughest play style to fight against when you’re not very good at the game yet. This is why it frustrates a whole lot of people. Go into training mode, set the dummy to constantly spam you with beams/Sentinel junk/etc. and practice getting over and around it. Super jump a lot. Pretty soon you will actually enjoy playing against people who like to zone, at least that’s how it went for me.

  1. That is called zoning, my friend. Learn to apply and counter it.

  2. That is called a bnb combo, my friend. Learn to apply and prevent it.

This. A thousand times this.

If you use the word ‘spam’, this forum probably isn’t for you.

How come people abuse block instead of letting me hit them?

I know blocking is an easy way to avoid losing, but I fail to see how doing the exact same thing continuously can be enjoyable :confused:

My biggest pet peeve is when my opponent does something that I don’t know how to counter. Why would I want to spend time actually thinking about a strategy to get around it? I want things served to me on a golden platter. Thinking and strategizing is geh.

this post tops the ones before it.


I actually agree with the OP.

How is it fun to spam projectiles and know one combo?

I’ve gone to a few mvc3 tournies and a large amount of the players are people that only know how to spam TAC, one BnB per char, and projectiles. How is it fun to play this game with such minimal knowledge? They KNOW they’re going to get destroyed, but they seem happy enough to spend their money and spam away mindlessly.

How does knowing 1 BnB for a character qualify you as having minimum knowledge for a game? This shit pisses me off beyond belief because combos all essentially do the same thing… they build meter and do damage. Why the hell would knowing 12 over 1 be beneficial? I would rather be flawless with 1 BnB then be pretty decent with 6. This is the new age thinking I suppose… all about being a combo exhibitionist and not a good player.

If anything the people who jizz their pants over combos and know a good abundance of them probably know less about the game than the people who worry about set-ups/mix-ups/follow ups… you know the things that actually set up combos?

How do you know the guys OP played with were terrible? If I was playing an online match with someone who was free, I’d spam without trying hard and call it a night.

I don’t know, Paper. I know one combo with Trish, and I enjoy using her traps over and over and over again. I have fun because it is a real challenge to stay in the air and avoid getting hit as much as possible. So the real fun, to me, is positioning myself correctly so that my simple tactics actually work. Some day I’ll be able to do more advanced things, but that’s where I’m at right now. Don’t know what else to say about that.

It’s sad you agree with him, cause you don’t know how fighting games work…
and of course people hardly read that Sirlin article, so lemme explain it my way that might get people’s attention…



In other words, you may know all of the combos in existence in the game, but it won’t mean SHIT if you decide to get fancy on the opponent cause “using the same moves over and over is boring,” the opponent gets left with a handful of life left. That handful which would’ve been gone if you used a more damaging if not PRACTICAL if not BORING combo. But you didn’t. And now, the opponent catches you in a mistake, kicks your ass to the hell and back, it makes youtube on that one guy’s Comeback Videos, and you’re left wondering “How did he get lucky?” only to get flamed like hell cause of what you agree with the OP on.

You may THINK you’re having fun just doing things, but if you’re not willing to learn (hell, learning is almost essential to…gasp! FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS!), then you’re just going to be frustrated…

and therefore, Competitive games in general…are not for you.

The end!

I dont know any combos with modok :frowning:

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call haggar/tron assist, psionic blaster. Best modok combo.

They play to win, not to whine.

To crush your enemies with hidden missiles, see them driven before you during gravity squeeze, and to hear the lamentation of their women on srk, isn’t that enjoyable too?