Please Extend UMVC3 Pool Rounds to 3/5 for EVO 2013

3/5 sets in UMVC3 have been the accepted tournament standard since last year, and I would like to see this extended to Marvel pools aswell. I understand that time is an issue, but games like KOF take much longer to finish than a Marvel 3/5 set, and I think this is a rule change that the entire Marvel community will get behind.


Get out of your pools, and you get to play 3/5. Think of it as a reward.

I’ll have respectfully disagree with that . The entire Marvel community has moved to the 3/5 tournament standard and honestly, going back to any 2/3 sets is painful. You lose one game due to a happy birthday and you are on the brink of elimination! Skill is more apparent in 3/5 games, and there have been several instances in the past year where players have been able to reverse momentum and come back to win in 3/5 games, games they would have simply lost in a 2/3 format. Could you please consider changing the format? If put to a vote I have no doubt that the Marvel community would embrace this change. Also, what is your reasoning for keeping it 2/3 this year? I can understand how it was implemented last year, but I think the game has evolved and the pool sets should be extended to reflect this.

Ironically pools are the place where 3/5 is most important. Pools is where low-mid level players get to gauge themselves, but those are the same players who haven’t been able to pass the bar where the randomness of the game (not actually randomness, just a very unforgiving nature) no longer affects them like top players have. Sure those players aren’t the ones making a mark on the scene, but they are the ones who comprise not only 99% of the scene, but 99% of the prize money that goes into most tournaments.

Also for what it’s worth, 3/5 MvC3 is still faster than 2/3 SF4.

Off-topic, but

Anyone else find it weird that bracket pools are even called pools? It’s just an extended bracket that gets shuffled up half-way into the tournament.[/details]

I don’t think both of you realize how big Evo really is.

This might be a convenient place to post some numbers. How long does it take to run a pool with 2/3? With 3/5? Are those numbers known for last EVO? are delays by players or bracket runners extremely large or unpredictable?

This is a question that is going to come up over and over again. If we as players understand it better we can put a damper on flare ups from complainers.


In the case of marvel, changing 2/3 to 3/5 would be like what, potential 2 more minutes per game (the matches are really fast), wich would be equal at a maximum of 1 hour per pool (pools of 16 people will have 29 games played, since they don’t do the grand finals of those pools).

Thinking on EVO 2013 where u had 40 pools simultaneously going on, you can say that there would be an 1 hour delay for each 40 pools of Marvel. I don’t know how many Marvel pools we had last year.

Of course that’s a rough simulation

Get rid of MK9 and Persona, now you got time to run 3/5 pools

I think at 3/5, Marvel would still be the fastest game on average out of all the games. AE can be pretty slow plus you have to do 2/3, 2/3. Melee is getting 4 stock / 8 mins (no disrespect to Melee, I think that’s what it deserves). King of Fighters will take 2 months per match. Marvel can easily be over in a couple of minutes. It can also take a long time with them Marvel seconds, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything close to 5 timeouts in a 3/5.

The thing about 3/5 Marvel is that while it can last much shorter than a 2/3 set of SF4, there’s also the possibility of it lasting much longer.


I can understand the time issue. But I can also understand how the players feel, and the fact of the matter is noone wants to get scummed out by bad luck. I really feel that if you are a strong player and confident in your game, you’re going to make it out of pools. Still, 3/5 provides undeniable proof that player A was better than player B.

I also think people have a point with the extreme brevity of marvel matches. Unless the players are at an exceptionally close skill level, where 3/5 really should be a requisite, someone is getting bodied. I can’t really think of a viable excuse not to go to 3/5 matches, just my three cents.

5 games 99 seconds maximum (Marvel) compared to 9 games 99 seconds maximum.
Granted Marvel seconds last longer, BUT the amount of time between rounds/games adds up a lot in AE.


The majority of matches probably at most will last about the same time as a 2/3 of SFIV at worst. Only if both players are playing really lame teams will it get dragged out any further than that.

It’s hard to get timeouts in Marvel even if both teams are playing lame. You pretty much HAVE to run away to get a timeout AND considering how strong offense is in this game, it’s hard not to get caught unless the person you’re playing just sucks or their character just can’t get across screen faster than a TP.

I don’t know, I’m worried that we’re all oversimplifying how long it really takes to finish a 3/5 Marvel set.

Whatever, I guess I’d still prefer 3/5. Signed.

However simplified or complex that we make it, do you honestly think it’d take longer than KOF, Smash, TTT2, etc? Marvel doesn’t have to be 3/5, but I don’t think the time argument is a valid one considering it’s still likely to finish faster than pretty much every other Evo game.

I’m pretty much unsure solely because what I first thought was obvious like you and DJ isn’t clear to guys like MrWizard and ShinBlanka. And I honestly don’t know why.

I’m probably pretty much overthinking about this.