Please get Ganmi Chan in TEKKEN REVOLUTION


Ganmi is so far a character concept for tekken and If she gets 1000 retweets then she may be added in Tekken Revolution. o far he has 454s please rewet the comment


Ganryus daughter? Tek Rev needs more of the TTT2 cast introduced not these crazy bullshit characters Harada is making up whilst high on drugs. The vampire chick is absolutely horrible.


No she is Ganryu’s fan, and the characters aren’t bullshit! And what the he’ll you mean “ELIZA” is horrible? She has one of the most interesting movesets in TKR and is the only vampire in the game which is pretty unique. I’d much rather have new characters in this to give a reason why getting TKR is worth it instead of it seeming like nothing more then another TTT2