Please get the AI right this time, so it can be fun playing the computer

Having 10 years experience playing mvc2, I think I got the game down pretty well. One thing that always bothered me is how stupid the AI is even on full 9 stars.

If capcom can somehow get rid of “pattern codes” that are in the game and make the AI more challenging, 1 player might be a little more fun.

Examples of good AI

  • Soul Caliber I think tried (and failed) at having a virtual AI that mimics how other people play. It had an account system where you would log in with your account or gamer card and each time you play, it memorizes your play style. Then when someone else is playing 1 player, they can face your “AI” and it should play like you do. I think mvc3 should have something similar where it learns bread and butter combos and the most common combos done, and then performs them back.

  • Mortal Kombat (forgot which one) had an AI where it would play and counter based on what you press. Even though it was annoying as hell, Jade would instantly do her invincible move and combo string you the same exact time you pushed it button. This can be frustrating, but does add challenge.

  • MvC2 had some good AI such as when storm or rogue would go crazy with rush down on you. If they can add that but continuously have it doing the Soo Mighty rush, it would be much more fun.

Examples of bad AI

  • repetitive patterns such as Dr. Doom super jumps, does 2 yellow beams, then his super. Happens 100%
  • The computer never blocks low if you do 2 over head hits consecutively
  • mvc2 computer can’t DHC

Get rid of BS stuff that the PC does that you can’t

  • morrigan blocking mid dash
  • blackheart jumping out of super after it causes FS
  • computers walking back as a projectile is come at them and they can’t block
  • canceling cr. mp with storm

Now the BS stuff is just, I don’t want the PC being able to do stuff that I can’t. Thats just stupid.

Also, they should bring back bonus stages just for fun (destroying cars, etc)

And the boss should be able to block. Actually, the boss should be like having to fight 10 characters like in MK. Or 1 super armored character like Gill in 3s.

Just my input. Share your feelings

For a bonus stage I’d like a zombie rushdown of some sort, with a combination of Resident Evil and Marvel Zombies.

The first game you were thinking of with the ghost system may have been Tekken or Virtua Fighter as well.

I’m split on this issue. On one hand I’d rather get arcade mode done and out of the way for achievements/unlockables with ease.On the other hand I can see how valuable it would be to learn from an A.I. Plus I do love the Tekken/VF ghost system…

I agree on the AI. I could play them with retarded lazy effort in Marvel 2 using Silver Samurai/Roll/Marrow, and still come out victorious. The odd thing is how difficult they can become by Stage 4-6 if you put it on Expert. Still, not much of a challenge. It would be nice if they really altered the AI play a good bit, so I wouldn’t have to always rely on jumping to an online match just for fun or a challenge.

And I agree on the “impossible phantom moves” needing to be reduced as well, even though I’m sure they’ll keep that around.

Not only is your suggestion odd, as many of the examples you want fixed are from MvC2, and MvC3 is not running the same engine, graphics, or … anything from MvC2…

… but would it have killed you to use the suggestions thread?