Please guys I need your help

I want to buy some parts from lizard lick. but 1st I just need help picking the right parts. This is the joystick I own in the link below.

or if that does not show up try this.

Please tell me what parts to chose to add to cart. I Need red matching Sanwa ball top stick and 8 Sanwa pushbuttons.

I would also like to know if I have to sodder anything or do I just connect them.

god damn that looks like a lot of work . all I wanna do is switch out the stick and buttons with sanwa parts plz tell me what part numbers to get. And a easier guide lol.

Why don’t you do a bit of research yourself? There are plenty of threads to read here and there is even one for posts like yours.

I need a simple guide. am a noob at this

go to or, as they seem to be the most common. There are descriptions of the buttons and joysticks there. Also, search for the mayflash/elecom stick thread and in it should be which buttons will fit.

everybody was a noob… you need to learn to read on your own and not ask for help all the time


there isn’t an easier guide. if you can’t figure out what to do after reading that thread, it really might not be a good idea for you try to mod that stick.

all the time? you speak as if you know me sir

The only easy mod you will find in TT is how to mod a Madcatz TE/FS stick. :rofl::rofl:

yea but I don’t feel like paying $70+ and waiting a month to get se stick. when I can buy this cheap stick for less then $40 on PA.
Is there way to add the buttons and stick without having to drill or file anything down?

That’s like saying…

“I can’t get what I want, so I’ll just beg people to make something different into what I want”.

I’m a noob, but even I never asked to make something into something it’s not.

What you need isn’t a guide, but for certain things to be premade or done for you – that’s something a forum can’t provide. If you want your cheap $40 stick, any amount of prodding on here isn’t going to make it any easier to mod. YGWYPF.

I don’t know which part numbers I need to look for. any idea?

Sorry man, you want an easy mod you gotta start with a stick that uses standard parts… the SE is a great choice, or a HRAP from what I understand is easily modded too. Besides that you might just consider dropping the cash on a custom built or a pre-modded stick.

jlf-tp-8t, obsf-30

thx a lot. one more thing is there a way to make holes with out buying a dremel?

would Sanwa OBSF-24 be too small for that box? am trying to avoid any modification to the holes :slight_smile:

Wow r u serious? Ur trying to add parts when it has clearly been states that you have to modify the stick for it to fit. If u don’t like work then get another stick. People are trying to help u but ur not even listening.

And for god sakes use the search button.

yes, it would be called a drill… or f*ing magic.

this is seriously getting ridiculous… are you a noob at stick modding or are you a noob at life? use your common sense. what happens when u put 24mm button in a 28mm hole? it falls through the hole. the end.

Well, if you figure out what a dremel is, it’s easy to see the solution. A dremel is merely sandpaper on a rotor. I can’t express how little you seem to be trying.