Please hela a newb!

Hi guys, im new here and probably not as into this as some of you guys, but ive got a taste for a fighting stick, since the capcoms are nigh on unobtainable or expensive and ive no idea what to do about the asian ones on ebay ( cant read the language and conflicting reports on here about quality ) , ive decided to try convert a hori ex3 for ps3 to 360, so

1 is it possible?

2 i was hoping to use the parts from the really cheap madkatz joystick to do so can i?

3 is it difficult ?, i do have a bit of electronics expierience but that was a 6 month course about 15 years ago and i havent been involved in electronics since.

if anyone could give me a drawing of how to do it it would be greatly appreciated

thx guys

Just convert it to PS3? Buy a Ctuhulu board, rip the old EX PCB out, and wire up the C board.

  1. Yes, a few threads about it in the forum.
  2. yes, as long as the parts are the same size and fit.
  3. It can be but there is a huge amount of resources and guides to make it easier like [media=youtube]OhLbXb19oGo&feature=channel"]DSEemployee’s controller hack vid & [URL=“”[/media].

As Canto said, you just need to take out the PCB from the EX and replace it with a hacked 360 controller.

Good luck!

Wrong way around :rolleyes:

I think hes saying he wants to convert a ps3 stick to work also on 360… check the other stickied threads UKR… theres plenty of info but to add 360 functionality will take soldering and gutting a 360 controller.

if you really don’t want to work with the electronics just get a converter like

by the time you find your pcb then cthulhu you’ll spend more than the $85 they are asking.