PLEASE HELP! 3rd Strike Practice Mode


So, I purchased a new, factory sealed copy of SF2 A (xbox) from ebay to use with my 360. I can’t get the practice mode to work properly.

Have read the manual, (absolutely no help there).

I want to practice parrying. So I select TRAINING, PARRYING TRAINING.

Then I get the character select screen. Choose Player 1, then Player 2.

Then I get the following options:

Dummy Recording
Parrying Training
Training Option
Button Config
Charactr Change

Only, the parrying Training option isn’t highlighted and can’t be selected.

Not sure what dummy recording is, but if i choose this option i play as character 2 and the other guy just stands there not fighting back.

I have also tried Normal Training. But it is virtually the same thing. This time I play as character 1 and the other player just stands there.

Tried looking in training settings but dosn’t seem to be any help there. Only an option to change the other player from P2 to CPU in Versus mode.


I’m starting to think that this is a bung copy or something, even though it was new and sealed in shrink wrap. Hopefull there is something I am doing wrong.


There is nothing wrong with your copy.

Dummy Recording sets you as player 2, and as player 2 you input whatever it is you are interested in parrying. Once you are set, go back to the menu, and Parry Training will be selectable. Now you’re player 1 and the match will start with player 2 doing whatever it is you did.

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