Please help a noob out

Hi guys, a non-2D player thiking of picking up SF5. I tried SF4 and enjoyed it, but my lack of execution kept me playing from a high level. I played Vanilla SF4, mained Ryu. My combo would be jump in MK, crouching MK, Hadoken. I couldn’t FADC so I saved my meters for super. TRhe only way I can combo into ultra was doing a light DP on an aired opponent.

I’m the type of guy that if I can’t execution something semi-consistently after 30 min in practice mode, I just stop trying. I’m a semi high level Tekken player, and I play characters that require almost no execution.

Is SF5 the right game for me? Is it the same level of execution as SF4, or is it much easier because there’s no FADC? Is there one or two chracters that require very little execution to be played at a high level? This determines whether I buy a PS4 now, or wait till Tekken 7.

Thanks for everyone’s help, apologize in advance for the scrubby mentality.


Well the execution in this game is a lot easier than SF4 so I think this would be better for you. Tbh if you stayed with ryu you could probably do 90% of his combos straight of the bat based on what you just said.

Thanks KungFoo, really appreciate the advice. This makes me feel good about buying a PS4 now and get into SF5.

I have bad wrists and combos are really hard for me to do.

I can do them easily in this game.

Street Fighter 5 was made with you in mind. Capcom love you.

For just 70 cents a day, you could get…a cup of coffee, a pack of gum.

Or you could help a noob. (Shows picture of someone messing up s. fp xx hadouken, then zooming on a sad face)

Thx everyone, I guess I’ll be buying a PS4 next weekend. :slight_smile: