Please help a sad sad man, Joystick Problem


I have a madcatz r1 te stick and my joystick is acting really annoying. its now unusable because of it only reading certain inputs involving down, down forward, down back. at first i assumed it was a pcb problem, but i don’t think it is because when i take the gate off and mess with it it reads every input fine… so im confused. i feel like maybe it has something to do with the gate??? idk im going to mess with it until it works haha but please reply if you have any knowledge on this or a similar problem. incase its unclear an example of the problem would be im doing a combo say ryu cr. mp, cr. mp , cr. roundhouse, while im holding down sometimes one of the moves will end up standing for no reason…


I have a hard time seeing how it would be the gate, but you’re saying when you remove the clear, square gate it works??


yup the buttons where the stick makes contact works flawlessly when i touch them or remove the gate


took my gate out, duck tape as a replacement wella like new… idk what the fuck is up but i am now a gateless player till i get a new stick…


take come pics for us to check it out. Something’s not right about this. Was the gate loose? Was anything not attached properly?

I can’t imagine this is a one-off defective gate…


no i beat the hell out of my stick. im playing without it and everything is fine other then being able to tell if im hitting corners which sucks but at least my inputs work. idk if its an issue with the gate but putting the gate on does make down diagonal directions iffy sooo idk. i need a new stick anyway cause mine is a piece of crap.