Please help a scrub against Cable and Sentinel (long post)


In short, I want some tips how to beat Cable and Sentinel.
The long story? Ok… read on.

Warning: I am a scrub.
Here are the list of characters I am confident when I used them, and the ones I suck really bad.

Cable, Ken, Marrow, Psylocke, Ruby Heart, Ryu, Silver Samurai, Storm

Anakaris, Blackheart, Cammy, Captain Commando, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Gambit, Guile, Iceman, Juggernaut, Magneto, Nash, Omega, Sentinel, Spiral

Akuma, Dhalsim, Iron Man (both version), Megaman, Venom

Amingo, Bison, Bulleta, Captain America, Chun-Li, Colossus, Dan, Felicia, Hayato Kanzaki, Hulk, Jin Saotome, Kobun, Morrigan, Rogue, Roll, Sakura, Shuma, Spider-Man, Strider, Sonson, Thanos, Tron Bonne, Valentine, Sabretooth, Wolverine (both version), Zangief

So how would you fight Cable and Sentinel if you were to pick my “level 2 and 3” characters?

For example, I met one guy who is only good with Cable. He was using Guile/Cable/Capcom. The way he plays is pretty damn obvious. His Guile/Capcom are mainly there to counter any potential Sentinel. Capcom is pretty much his way against some flying Storm. As soon as his assist hits me, Cable would just do HP, fireball or grenade HP.

Well at my current “scrub” level, the only way I can beat Cable so far is by using Cable… and let me tell you… it is as gay as two Sagat c.HP in CvS2. There must be a better way.

I tried Spiral/Sentinel/Capcom, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel, Marrow/Storm/Psylocke, Ruby/Samourai/Cyclop. That’s really no good against Cable. One mistake is all he needs to kill my first guy… and that mistake is bound to happen. He usually likes to keep pressure on you from far using a variation of beam and grenade. If I superjump, he dashes forward, calls Capcom, and jump backward. If I jump normally, he calls Guile and keep me stuck in my tiny corner until I die. When I die, he ends up with 4 super bars. You know what that means… So we end up with my last guy… ok it is real easy now… If I super jump, I get the same circus. If you do a normal jump, he guards break and kick my ass.

I was able to beat him only with the Cable/Storm/Capcom, but as I say, there must be a better way than using Cable vs Cable. I can’t get close to him with Storm because all his assist are air counters…

I know another guy who is fucking too good at Sentinel. I am not even bothering playing him(but he does enjoy kicking my ass all the time) and all I do is spend my time watching him, trying to figure out his pattern and learn how to play a better Sentinel. Anyhow… he is using Jill/Sentinel/Tron. Jill/Tron can pretty much take my entire team if I don’t have Storm to run away. Sentinel is even worse for me. If he starts with Sentinel, I know he is going for a perfect against me. I can’t figure out if his sentinel is going for an overhead or a crunching move. He keeps on alternating between c.HK > LP*2 > fireball LP > super… blabla semi infinite until you die, and j.LK, j.HK, call Tron, fly mode, j.LK, j.HK, fireball LP. And if I try to jump at Sentinel, it flies away and HP on you. If I am in a corner, he does HK all day long. Well he actually does a lot more than just that, but that will take several pages.

Obviously at my level, I cannot win, but I am fed up of losing almost perfect each time he starts with Sentinel. In that case, what do you advice me to do at my level? Don’t ask me to triangle jump/infinite using Magneto: I can’t even do that yet.


magneto and storm can easily bait out his capcom assist while you try to hit cable.

just sj over, and when you see the assist icon at the bottom come out just air dash forward, you will dodge it. drop down and try to hit cable while capcom is still out.

capcom aaa should never be able to hit storm runaway unless you’re go towards them. and the only time they can hit you with capcom is when you’re backed into a corner and can’t go back anymore…when that happens block it/or air dash avoid. lightning attack x3 the other way, and runaway again.

your problem right now (don’t take this harshly) but you don’t have enough skill yet. you’ve admitted you can’t triangle dash and can’t do infinites…well without that you shut down a lot of magneto’s and storm’s game…magneto i think can’t dish out any damage if you can’t triangle dash confidently. the hypergrav tempest can be mashed out of.

try playing cable/storm/sent. it should be impossible for sent to get a perfect over cable…i just can’t see that happening…see if you can get your hands on your SiN vids of using cable/sent…he’s got a mad ass mini trap that’s quite good. can be escaped…but by that time you have at least another meter for cable.

after cable’s done, storm should have no problem running away from all characters. use her floating to confuse, and when she does hit, make sure it hurts with the DHC into sent. with any of sent’s easy followups they should be dead. you can air combo after it, or semi infinite…either way they should be dead.

and capcom can’t do didly shit against any of these 3 characters.

just play more, and you’ll beat them eventually. i used to get owned really bad too, so i just kept playin and playin to get better.


Random scrub question:

How do you unfly when using Magneto or Storm? I can do that with Sentinel easily, but somehow it never works out with these guys.

We know that cable j.LP has a huge priority. I used it a lot against some flying Sentinel. How about Storm? Is there any move she has a huge air priority vs Sentinel?

I have a hard time to mash out of the hypergrav tempest. Don’t tell me to listen to the word tempest or something because the sound is really low at some arcade place. Should I just mashed out as soon as the black screen comes out?


to my knowledge magneto and storm’s fly cancels aren’t fast enough to combo off of. i could be wrong.

not sure about storm’s air priority, i’ve always seen storm and sent to be head to head for air supremity.

mashing outta the hypergrav needs some practice, but basically you start mashing the hell outta it right after the hypergrav hits you and pulls you in. you have about a second of mashing before the metal hits you.

forget the buttons, they don’t matter as much for escaping grabs, just wigging the joystick back and forth as fast as possible. this has worked best for me (better than 360 degrees, or just mashing buttons)


For me, the easiest way to beat a team of cable/sentinel is by using a cable/doctor doom/ and a good anti air like captain commando or blackheart.

Basically, for cable you would just have to jump up and down a lot and wait for his handgun shot, so you can blast him with hyper viper beam. Or you can rush up to him and constantly rush past his assist so he can’t play his long range game against you. This can be done by anyone fast like storm. As for sentinel, he has a tendency to be super slow and lack the air vs air threat because when you are too close to him, his main moves do not hit you. So… use doctor doom and play the anti air game. Jump and time your beam gun blasts (FP) and shoot him out of the air. If he blocks your shot, he will go back down to the ground which you can use those volt finger beams on him (D, B, punch). These do an amazing amount of blocking damage.

Basically its that and REPEAT PROCESS. occasionally fire out the super volt finger beam to do more and more chipping damage. Sentinel usually can’t get close to you at all so he cant use any good assists against doom. Just practice your jumping fierce punch.


Yep its too slow to fast unfly. Storm and sent easily air domination. fast fly and run away storm. and mashing is ez