Please help a semi-noob

So to start off i have been playing marvel vs capcom 2 for years, since it first came out on ps2

unfortunetly ive only ever had one practice partner and neither of us really got to the top level which i am finding out now on xbox live

anyways im looking to increase my combos and learn the combos online, but im not sure what is meant by this “cancelling into” different moves and such

eg. i read earlier on one of cyclops’ combos “optic blast xx super optic blast” and i really have no idea how to cancel into moves. could someone try to give an explanation to me? ive searched online for one and dont find anything

Perform the move… now here’s the tricky part, in the recovery animation of the first move. Perform the second move.

okay so sticking with the cyclops one i do actually hit them with an optic blast before the super optic blast?

also are you aware if this is a particualarly difficult cancel to do? and if so can you reccomend something easier to practice on?

im going to go try again in a little while, but after reading what you said, it appears that the way to do this is NOT to press the button combinations as quickly as possible ( which is what i have been trying to do) is this right?

lmao…mvc2 on the ps2…lmao

as the optic blast hits, do the super. you are probably spazzing away on your control pad and doing motions too quickly or imprecise.

there are no difficult cancels in mvc2

the easiest cancel of that type to confirm is probably cable’s standing viper beam into his hyperviper beam. When you get that down you can practice standing viper beam into ahvb x3

Try do cable’s viper beam, and do hyper viper beam before it stops. If the hit counter moves past the standard HVB hits, you’ve cancelled successfully. It’s just timing really. Can’t mash it.