Please help a swiss guy: where can i play SF3 in Washington DC?

…'cause there nothing about in my travel book ! I have to stay 6 weeks in DC (work purpose), and i am getting bored.I am renting a flat near Walter Reed hospital.

Is there an arcade SF3 coin slot in this town ?

(sorry for my bad english)

Go post in the appropriate Regional matchmaking forum and delete this thread. <3

i’d like to see the travel book that mentions good american fighting game competition

I think there’s a 3S machine in the Springfield VA mall which is close to DC (you can get to it by Metro). There’s also the local C3 tournament in about 4 weeks which is always a hoot.

Part of the problem though is that even the best arcades might be empty if you didn’t let people know first.

You probably want this region–

where in Swizterland are you from? I was in Zurich last summer, chilling with the only 2d head there. Gabby.

Thank everyone for yours answers. Obsioulsy my thread is not in the good place sorry for that.

(i am from Lausanne, a small city near Geneva, in the french-west part of Switerland. I know almost nothing about Zurich, wich is the main city of the east-german part of Switzerland, sorry).