Please Help a Total Noob (Custom Stick)


Hello, people who know what they’re doing!

I recently bought Street Fighter IV (my first SF game :bgrin:), but the standard Xbox 360 controller isn’t doing it for me. I’m interested in building my own fight stick, so I’ve come to you all for help, as my knowledge is rather lacking.

My plan of action is to take a PCB from a wired Xbox 360 controller and solder to it (based on this picture). This will be done in a big tupperware container (inspired by one I saw online) for monetary purposes.

As for parts, I’m not exactly picky, though I want a ball top stick. Looking through Lizard Lick, I thought that I’d get a Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Ball Handle and some inexpensive Happ buttons.

Now, my questions, as I am a total noob.
1 Any issues with this setup?
2 Besides wires and my soldering equipment, is there anything else I need? My wiring plan is based off of this shoebox fight stick, and I see that there are little things on the end of each button. What are those, do they come with the buttons, etc.? Is there any difference between the prongs coming off of the buttons? Isn’t there also something about a spring for the joystick? Finally, any other parts I need?

Yes, I’m a noob who really needs help :xeye:.


Other than looking totally ghetto (and awesome) what you detailed should work.

I know that tupperware pic looked pretty funny, but I would say look into a way to strengthen up that lid. I don’t know how strong that is going to be once it has holes cut into it.

Oh, and the connectors on the buttons don’t matter. Just put a signal on one and ground on the other.


sounds like you’ve done your research and didn’t even need to make this thread lol

pcb, soldered, buttons, box, wire it all up.

if you gonna get a sanwa stick, might as well get some sanwa buttons to go with it.

you only “need” 6 fighting buttons, and a start/guide button and you can add a “back/select” button if you so choose.

find a better container to use if you can, tupperware sticks are ghetto and light and prolly suck for playing


Wow. I didn’t expect that I had this right.

The plan is to move it into a homemade wooden chassis, but that’ll take me a few weeks to build and paint, so the ghetto setup is the current plan.

Thanks for the help :bgrin:!


Good luck partner judging from my experience you wont always have people jumping to answer your questions. Wiring the pcb can be tough for first timers like us.


Naw, I’m a first timer and I soldered my own pcb. It worked perfectly, I even did triggers. Read up on tutorials and watch videos of how to solder/desolder and research everything about the pcb.

You might as well build that wooden box cuz you aint getting any buttons and sticks anytime soon. Places are opening back up next week but who knows how long it will take for them to ship out parts. Some people have been waiting for months! Good luck


Yeah, I reached that conclusion when I read some fine print that Lizard Lick wasn’t shipping for another 2-3 weeks. On the plus side, I’ve located a Mad Catz 360 Game Stick for $10 with common ground.


For the love of everything sacred search the threads BEFORE starting a new one!!


to help you with the box work here’s the link i used as a guide.

gives you an example build… it took me about 2 hours to make the enclosure based on this example… I didn’t do exactly as guide though. I used 11x14 acrylic glass though… a bit smaller then in example build but way cheaper this way… I used pine instead of poplar - once again cheaper. When you get the materials, pine is much lighter then poplar - so i was concerned box might not be heavy enough… The outcome was different - as you build pretty much box in a box - the weight is perfect… Oh yes i used MDF for top and bottom cover… once again - cheap and effective… i’ll post some pics if you interested…

Good luck, hope it helps


just to let you know the stick might be to long not sure if this will be a problem for you, but when put a jlf in my namco stick it was just to long and I could not lower the mounting plate since it to small so I just swapped the pole. since you have a room I assume you might want to find a way to lower the mounting plate.

also try getting sanwa it would suck getting using happ buttons then in the future trying to adjust to sanwas. I am just saying this because majority of the people use sanwas buttons what if you go somewhere like an arcade or someone lends you a stick


Here is an inspiration for the Tupperware project. This is my first build and works great on my PS2.