Please help a young balrog grasshopper



watsup i spent a lot of time in prison…please hold on the soap jokes…:slight_smile:
so im not that good i understand tthe basics and have an 8,000 bp thawk im on xbox live my gt is

please help any info is helpfull

What's the appeal of GD?

No idea what the whole prison thing is even meant to mean, or how it’s relevant at all.

As for info, coming to the Balrog Forum (Which has tonnes of sticky threads all with info of all kinds) to post a thread saying “Give me info” is a bit sad, don’t you think? Why not just look at the wealth of info already available and then when you need ‘specific’ info, THEN ask. Stop being lazy.

Check the Matchup Thread, watch some top-level Balrog play in the “Needs more Dudley” video thread, if you want frame data I’m sure it’s available - Option Selects, how to work your Ultra and other various pools of knowledge been building up here for ages - Read up on it, practice and then when you actually have more specific needs, then ask, because saying “Give me info” does not give anyone any remote idea what it is you actually need ‘in general’.


it MEANS i dont know shit! cuz the past 10 years of my life ive been locked up. dont know how to understand shit on these threads i was hopin someone would like to give some pointers over xbox live… thats why i got my gammertag not being lazy i simply need a tutor so i dont know if u were trying to embarass me or not but this is suppposed to be a cool freindly website. as long as i dont dis anyone i i dont believe i should be dissed. thanks for your time


I’m not dissing you - I’m giving common sense.

This Forum is absolutely littered with information, sticky threads and discussions all giving general information to get you started and to work with - So posting a thread just asking for “Info” (Absolutely nothing specific, just “Give me info”) is nothing for anyone to work on to help you when “Info” can be gotten by just simply reading.

I wouldn’t suggest getting a tutor because a tutor will generally teach you everything, quite possibly also rub off their bad habits on you as well - It’s best to learn on your own two feet and adopt your own style.

As for the prison thing, information like that is something I wouldn’t just publicly advertise, especially on an internet media.


well u should have just ignored the post man.i got plenty of common sense i dont like to argue online man if we were face 2 face i garantee you wouldnt be talkin to me like that. especuially after i just did 10.
anyway thanks for the help.


watching this thread now


If you had just spent 10 years in prison and/or if you had plenty of common sense you’d have much better things to do than advertise this on the internet or waste everyones time trying to intimidate people, especially those who haven’t done anything wrong against you other than say “Why not read the sticky threads which contain tonnes of helpful information”.


Balrog Matchup Thread
Balrog Frame Data
Balrog Combos
Balrog Mindgames & Tricks
Balrog Video (Various, but usually top level matches)

Loads more, just have a read of the Forums on some quiet day and practice practice practice - Then when you have some ‘specific’ questions, come back and ask them - “Can you give me info” is too vague and you’re not likely to get Tutors - Maybe sparring partners though if you try to play with others here I’m sure they could give advice.

Good luck learning Balrog // with the game.


RopeDrink got MusicMan’d.
I mean, trolled.

Here’s my Q&A thread if you need to ask anything that isn’t already in those threads: How to dash punch? - Balrog General Q&A thread

This thread nobody bothered to sticky or take a look at, sadly.


Dude just did 10 years, he obviously needs help


Problem is trolling or not if people ask for stuff I tend to try and help because either they, or people passing through, might relate to the topic // need similar help and nobody wants a thread on this Forum that is 100% worthless, like this one.

I know the guy is taking the piss hence my last reply denouncing it, but I still always feel like trying to be helpful - Guess thats a bit sad, really.


What for?


Hey, don’t sweat it, I was just taking a friendly shot at you xD. Your helpfulness is very respectable, seriously. We need more people like you and less people that go ‘FY SHUDDAP LULZ.’


He was working for Shadaloo. Dat bike money.




thank for not being a total douche bag bro much love c u at evo with t hawk!!


Hahaha, all good. I’m not going to EVO though, I’m Canadian and have absolutely no cash for it. Not to mention that I often overlook my newly-made Q&A thread because I’m so busy with work.

Maybe one day!


I did 10 years LOL


And what was the perpetration? I’m curious.

(If you were sarcastic, then DAMMIT.)


I’m just being stupid hahahaha


Sup just had some massive diarrhea left me twitching emotionless on the bed.

Balrog is a pretty good character though.