Please help diagnose my joystick problem

I am making a stick for my xbox360. I’m using a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick and Seimitsu buttons.

I’ve bought a pre soldered xbox360 pcb from a local dealer

I’ve mounted it all in a cardboard box for the time being to make sure it all works…which it doesn’t.

Got the whole thing plugged into my PC to test. All the buttons work. The joystick however has issues.

When I have all the dpad connections connected, if I press left for example, the stick says I’m pressing diagonally up plus a button. Or if I press right, it says I’m pressing down. Pressing down, also says I’m pressing down. Those descriptions aren’t exactly what happens, but it’s something very similar (just different combinations of buttons/directions).

The strange thing is, taking it slowly and wiring up one direction at a time, I can get any direction working as long as it’s the only one connected. I can get up and down working together, but as soon as you add left or right into the mix, things go haywire.

Just to clarify, I have ground wires from the dpad bunched together and connected to the joystick ground wire. Then I connect the signal wires individually to the corresponding terminals of the stick.

this is doing my head in!

That Xbox 360 Controller PCB you bought is a non-Common Ground one.
It has more than one Ground; all the inputs do not share one Ground.

You actually have seven shared Grounds:
LEFT and LB.
UP and DOWN and RB.
RIGHT and BACK and LC.
X and A and RC.
B and Y.
LT and RT.

So when you bunched all your Ground wires together, then you did input, it did what it did.

Unbunch your Grounds, and put them with their respective group.
That would do.

For your JLF, you will have to cut the Traces on Microswitch PCB, and connect Ground directly to each Microswitch.
Here something I whipped up:

You can also just replace the whole TP-MA and put in Cherry Microswitches.

ground problem, as previous poster said.

100 bucks for a hacked 360 pad? :wow: maybe i should hack some pads and sell them :rofl:

Its in australian dollars. So its about 70USD.