Please Help did i mess up this PCB?

Ive been soldering in a madcatz arcade pcb into my custom and all of the buttons work. sort of. all of my buttons when i test them in windows will activate the button it is and activate button 7 at the same time. when you let go button 7 stays lit. a couple of the buttons when pressed activate 2 and 3 together, but when you let go they both shut off. it was working fine yesterday, but it started acting up after i tried to hook up the guide and start button today. on the diagram, i had used the ground near ‘up’. when i was connecting guide and start today though i had no more room on my daisy chain so i connected them using the ground near RB. is this fixable or did i fuck up royally? i unsoldered the RB ground from guide and start btw.

Toodles, any suggestions? Whats the common cause of my ailment?

I figured out most of it, but my main problem now is with the guide button. In windows the guide button is #7. When any button was pressed the guide button would come on and stay pressed ever after that particular button was released. Now i just unsoldered the guide button and button 7 is still coming on and staying on with the other buttons. Now im really confused…

check you ground wiring, something is probably shorting. Make sure no connections are touching eachother.

On the diagram there are two grounds listed. I can use both simultaneously if i wanted correct? Seeing as the board is common ground?

nothing is shorted. if you’re wiring the GUIDE button alone, then the select has to be too. both signals have to be attached to their respective buttons in order to function alone.

Of fuck! hahaha really? Alright ill test that. Of course im out of a quick disconnect to wire select. Ill sacrifice start for the time being

But wait… i disconnected the guide and back button and im still having this problem…?

Can the start button function alone? Because that one is hooked up alone currently

got it! close!