Please help don't know what's going on


Help I’m new to AE v2012 I started playing last may in 2013 so I consider myself relatively new since the game release in 2008 and many versions have already release. I don’t know what’s going on lately but I have began to loss nearly all matches online. I use to win alot of my online matches and friendly matches with my main akuma whom I main for about 9 months I know alot of sj setups, option selects,frame traps and as we’ll as akuma vortex which I learned over the pass 9 months watching tokido and eita my execution isn’t bad but as of lately I felt as though I lost my passion for the game although I watch tournaments nearly every weeknd and enjoy watching them. I don’t know what’s going on I’m I not adapting to other players styles or did I simply lose my desire to play street fighter. Should I take a break or play less often btw , I play for about 3-4 hours a day.


I think you should quit.


I thought about that but I honestly love the game just can’t figure what been going lately im actually preparing for USFIV would be using Akuma and viper since they’re still fairly strong.


Take a break man, watch some streams, or stick to training mode for a few days before going back online.
Everyone goes through phases like that.


Trying out other games might be a fun diversion. It’s a break that keeps your execution up for when you get back to SF, and who knows, you might find a game you love even more.


One of my friends used to play CoD4 back in the day hardcore and after like 8 months he started to do terribly in the game. He took a break then came back and he was back to normal.


Play a new character. Learn one with a really unorthodox gameplay style …like Hakan, Sim, or somebody you never thought of playing.
This always helps me. I find I take my mains way to serious and burn out.