Please help flame this video

[media=youtube]TpDZ3WotLXY&session=uvvVLkhChEsaLa2h7-vdmlM0q0RjHWTbJ0W0dapuOhpsrwDeBVBJ3aumuhcLgbxGPFM0ilaqmySyxyq0UPVPdwDnP3-osLBTfP_6tRqOb6emX3i8Fuca9wdZ2NcVQygC6wLPQ2HIIgnV1YauHhHWehX7ppPlrNfE3eovOxRHzQxTzDx-wwt5g6bEtFc1exkB9YDhyJHrzevlCpT3XwsvgeCyyGrT-FOCtWbSaDfbOaa2ETvRMsXQ55UfrXyuGaqj7NTOLt4u9bFNhJR7GwoBYpRPT1C2N3Uy"[/media] crap needs to be made fun of.

This is the stupidest product I’ve ever seen and it’s so obvious that the people who posted on it are fake shills. He’s removed everything negative about it, including my post. You can do that, right? Remove comments from your own video? I just find it difficult to believe that in over 50,000 views NO ONE has said anything negative.

Hop to it, SRK. :tup:

I guess it looks too advanced for you.

So just because Pop Mechanics says it’s good, then it is?

There are things called samplers, and they cost about as much as that thing does and are just about as easy to use. And… you can actually make music with them if you decide to at some point. Music other than the same three songs everybody else with the same instrument is playing. But of course, they don’t have lasers. :rolleyes: The worst part is the marketing speak the guy spews out to that comment about pre-recorded samples.

i agree it looks dumb, but seriously… find something better to do. play dota or something…sheez.

I thought this was gonna be a link to a Chris Crocker video. I’m disappointed. I take every chance I get (and some that I don’t) to flame that guy.