Please help. i have two pcbs and would only like one wire!

hey i currently have a dual modded stick (360/ps3).
i was wondering how you can make it only have one wire coming out of your box instead of 2.

can i find a tutorial anywhere?

i saw someone use a USB hub and i’m not sure how great that works.
I liked the method of having some kind of usb input adapter outside of the box and you just attach a usb cable to it (but that also requires joining of the two pcbs and drilling a hole for that which i dont know how to do.)

i would appreciate anything.
and it would also be helpful to know how to drill holes for that usb input adapter.

thanks in advance!

There is a thread entitled “2 PCBs in One stick” that covers this
But more importantly, there is also a thread Toodles made about his Imp board, which does exactly what you’re asking without any drilling. (

If you spent an extra 2 minutes of your life doing a bit of searching, this thread would not be necessary.

Yet more waste of Tech Talk space.


sorry didn’t mean to piss you off. the reason why i was confused was because my stick builder said he used an imp board but i dont see it anywhere.

does anyone know where i can buy that adapter?
it looks like this

thanks a lot man

imp board and neutrik they totally look different from each other lol

nooo i dont mean that lol

the dude said he was using an imp board so i was expecting one cable so im like wtf?
so i found out there was no imp board :frowning: so i paid a little extra for nothing (literally)

so then i decided to just buy my own imp board and just bought the neutrik.

so why dont u tell the dude what happen to ur cause.

its really no biggy
he is really great but i probably caused him too much trouble =T