Please help identify wire connector part

Hi Tech Talk,

I’m hoping someone can help me find out what the name/type of this wire connector is. I need to replace both the male and female piece of it. I have tried Google with “wire to wire harness”, but I don’t see anything that look similar to this. any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.


also, do you know where I can buy this?

It’s some sort of hooded, keyed single-row wire-to-wire crimp crimp housing, with a clip system on the side.

Without a proper measurement to tell exactly the pitch of those connectors, it’s tricky to say for sure… But it doesn’t look entirely dissimilar to a couple connectors that Molex manufactures. Looks similar to the single-row variant of the C-Grid line they make (overview page here), but you’ll have to look around for exactly the matching model. I’d recommend just grabbing the Molex (or a supplier that carries Molex) catalog and flipping through wire-to-wire connectors until you find what looks to be a match, then getting the mechanical drawing for that specific model.

What’s it from? Context may lead to someone being to help you better. Also, is there a reason you need to match this specific connector exactly? If you’re replacing both, it may be easier to just find a functionally similar, if not mechanically identical/compatible, connector to use.

Matching connectors can be tricky; good luck!

Underwing is right, with out knowing what those wires are from, all we can do is speculate. Also wire to wire harness" is too vauge as there are thousands of different wiring harnesses out there.

If the connectors are bad there are a number of items that could be used to replace the connectors to the wiring harness.
I would make recommendations, but with out knowing what that wiring harness is from I would not know what connectors are appropriate for your device.

If there is plenty of room in your device and connector type isn’t a factor, I would suggest just clipping off the connectors, strip about 2 or 3 mm of wire bare on each wire and use a European style terminal strip

Thanks Underwing! it’s a cable from my PC case that connects to the front panel. This will definitely help narrow my search down. By the way, what’s a “pitch” and how do you measure that?

If it’s a front panel connector, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a 0.1inch (2.54mm) pitch (pretty standard for electronics). I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Molex brand connector, as those are pretty popular with computer/case manufacturers (to the point that the ubiquitous power connectors are colloquially known as Molex connectors).

Pitch (for connectors) is the measure of the spacing of pins. Calipers are the best way to measure it, but just eyeballing it with a ruler (measure, say, all 10 pins and divide by 10) is usually good enough. Why exactly do you need these connectors replaced?

(Also, not to toot my own horn or anything, but if I nailed the right connector on a cursory glance at Molex’s site, I’m gonna be damn pleased with myself. Gotta take pride in the little things. :D)

thanks again guys! A couple of ther connectors went bad, so I was going to do what Darksakul suggested if I couldn’t find the right part. you guys on tech talk rule! Cheers!

You definitely need to measure the pitch, and then start digging, probably through Digikey to narrow down the matching results until you find one. Posting up info about where its from/what its used for would likely help.
But the hail mary of finding odd connector part numbers has been from user MKL. Dude knows his connectors.