Please help i'm getting desperate

A few months ago after realizing i would need a stick for PS3 for evo i decided to do some searching. Found a couple of websites that sold a PCB dual mod kit for 360/Ps3 dual mod sticks. Great. They were out of stock. No big deal, can’t take that long.

A little over a week from Evo, still not in stock. Please help. Where can i find a Dual mod kit that is in stock for my 360 fightstick to work on a ps3? I can’t afford to buy a whole new stick so i need the dual mod. On top of this i don’t even have a ps3 to even just use a controller.

Someone please help me!!

Gummowned is doing dual mods AT evo… you could get it from him…

Does he have a thread somewhere Where he has info like prices and such? If he did this for my i would have his baby.

Xbox360 -> Dual mod is the easy direction to go. You can use a MCcthulu too.