Please help improve/critique my t.hawk

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the whole street figther scene and i’ve seem to developed a liking to T.hawk. I’ve been doing okay with him when i play against people but i want to get better. I can’t seem to find anyone to teach me so please critique my T.hawk game plays, that would really help me out.

YouTube - Frinkz’s Channel

I may be getting trolled here, but I’ll bite anyway.

There was a poster a few weeks ago who posted videoes of himself and asked for critiques. His style of play was almost identical to your. I’ll just copy/paste what I said to him. Then say a few specific words to you.

What’s really strange is that you use even less normals than him. Which I honestly thought was impossible. I counted a total of 9 normals across the 7 rounds. If we remove the ones that were done on accident, then there’s about 5. That’s an average of LESS THAN 1 NORMAL PER ROUND.

5 normals?! Holy crap, T. Hawk has COMBOS that have 5 normals. And you’re just using 5 normals across 7 round?! passes out

Honestly look at what you’re doing. Condor Diving and churning HP SPD. Don’t you think literally anyone could do that?

In short: Spam more normals. Use LP SPD more, especially against shotos. Watch videos. Jump less. Dive less. Churn less. Be merry.

Haha funny thread.

Yes use your normals.

he used three standing rhs at the end of the last round. =)

Your description on how you used to play Zangief describes how I first played SF4, and with frightening accuracy.

More normals…more than more normals. I don’t think they’ve even invented a number for how many more normals you need to use.