Please HELP! Joytron Paewang Revolution cable issue


Okay, I ordered the above stick, a JFL and some sanwa buttons. While I was modding the stick I accidentally left the USB cable on the soldiering iron. It melted through the plastic and into a couple of wires.

I cut the cable and soldiered all the wires together and works ok now. Sometimes it doesn’t work though then I adjust the part of the cable when its all taped up and it works. I’ll probably need to do it again at some point.

So, my questions are:

Can I get rid of the current cable and use a generic USB cable and wire it onto the board?

If I cant use a generic USB cable, do I have to use a cable from a xbox 360 wired controller?

Can I use a generic extension cable and put the current cable inside the stick, leaving the USB connector poking out?

I haven’t opened a generic USB cable before but I have heard there are only four wires inside. The cable with the stick has five: white, black, red, green and an un-shielded wire.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


You can, yes.


I can what exactly? All of the above?

So how do I wire up a USB cable with four wires to the PCB?


Any USB, yes.

Not really generic if use Xbox 360 Controller USB.

Why leave the current cable inside?
Just throw it away.

Use the four wires.


If you look at the PCB here:

There are five point on the PCB. So if I soldier a generic USB cable with four wires inside, which one do I not connect a wire too?


Shield Ground is not needed.
Use four wires.


Which one is the shield ground?


Just use any of the two Ground points.
They are both connected to each other.
Connect them together if you want to for some reason.


Okay, thanks. Ill try it today.


I got same problem… help plz


lol, like JDM said, just desolder the wires from the pcb and use another USB cable and solder the white, red, green and black on to it. either of the black cables is fine.


ok ill try Thank You


Yip, worked for me.

I ended up cutting the original cable really short, kept it inside the stick and connected it to an adapter that I mounted on the outside of a custom box.

Now I can just attach a USB cable to the outside and remove it when I’m not using it. Much better.



yo thats work !! Thank you very much!!!