Please Help - Learning RC Electricity

I’m working on learning RC electricity. What I’d like to know is – how, exactly, can I tell if I’m doing it right? Should I be able to go through fireballs? It seems like I’m doing it correctly but projectiles always hit me out of it.

my main problem was that i was hitting roll too early.

for example:

when i was trying to rc electricty on my wake up i would hit

(knocked down)
fp, mp, lp
lp + lk
(wake up)

only normal fp electricty would come out… just make sure your roll comes out.

yeah, it is common sense but that was my problem. ;p the button inputs must be pressed alot later then it seems (to me anyway!)

good luck.

Go into training mode and have sagat throw roundhouse tiger - make sure it’s the fast one.

Then practice doing your command - I personally do Jab, Strong, Fierce, Roll+Fierce.

Another way I practiced it was picking Joe and doing RC Hands through fireball - he moves forward so it’s a lot easier to tell if you are actually RC’ing the move.

Derek Daniels

Cool, that really helps – thanks!