Please help me and my retarded fingers!


I’ll explain the little execution problem I’m having in hopes that SOMEONE might be able to shed some light on a solution… It’s kind of a long explanation but hopefully someone doesnt mind reading thru it…

I’ve been playing this game and SF in general for a long time, but almost exclusively on a pad. SNES, PS2, DC, Xbox… all very comfortable to me. The only real problem with the pad was I always had my medium punch as the left trigger(except on PS2, of course, since it has 2 right triggers). So things like alpha counters, safe falls, and cMP xx super were all things I couldn’t really do. but other that that… A-OK.

Then I got this damn stick. It’s a custom made one so I’m sure it’s an exact arcade equivalent. So my problem is definitly ME, not the equiptment.

Now I’ve always said, like some people, “I’m not much of a big combo guy” and concerned myself more with accurate foot games and landing the cMK xx fireball’s as opposed to focusing on turning those cMK’s into high damaging combos w/ supers. I did OK… I mean, i felt pretty good w/ the footsie and DP games, etc. Staying safe, punishing mistakes, crossups… no prob. Also, I’m using N groove and even my small jumping game has been decent lately on the pad.

BUT… I’ve realized I have been a FUCKING MORON. And now I see that if I want to get any better, i have to combo into supers. If I’m ryu and get to do rapidfire cLKs, I need to turn them into cLK cLP cMK xx shinkuu. This is why I’ve started using the stick again in the 1st place. Mainly so i can use Chun Li and have cMP xx kick super.

So here’s the problem: I can’t execute these things for shit!!! In training mode, I can easily, w/ Ryu, stand then go into cMK xx shinku. I know the buffering tricks, even the negative edge stuff. I can stand into cMK into shinku all day. I can even start at a crouch, cMK xx shinku all day. BUT… if I try to tack on the cLK cLP cMK xx shinku… I swear I get it 1 out of 20 trys. It’s really pathetic. And the funniest thing is I can even get the normal move links pretty consistantly, and I imagine most would consider that the “hard part.”

I’ve looked at the key data in training mode to see what is happening. It seems when I try to do cLK cLP cMK xx shinkuu… one of 3 things happens: 1. I start the super motion too early and end up hop kicking instead of cMKing. 2. I notice that and try to wait a little, and the 2nd quarter circle just seems to NOT HAPPEN. after the D+MK the key data reads DF, F, F, MP. I’m like wtf? 3. or, something totally crazy, like the key data shows U and/or UF or B or some direction that’s not remotely close to the motion.

Is any of this normal shit that a stick player must go through?? It feels very weird to go from being able to beat the computer on lvl 8 w/o even thinking to getting my ass kicked by the 1st opponent because nothing I want comes out. To go from giving the best XBL players a run for their money to getting OCV-ed by just about anyone I’m paired with. And it’s very frustrating to sit in training mode and cLK cLP cMK xx shinku and NEVER HAVE IT WORK! :frowning: I can cLK cLP cMK fine I can cMK xx shinku fine. Put em together and it’s like Ive never played the damn game before. if I stop trying to combo into supers I do fine. But I need to combo into supers! lol

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but for god sakes… this is the easy stuff! I’m tempted to say fuck it and go back to the pad… but I don’t want to give up!

ANY IDEAS??? (and yes… I AM practicing) Thanx in advance


In know EXACTLY what you mean, and I never bother with them. The only purpose for the lks is that they have a higher rate of hitting. Oh and if you want characters that can chain easily try Eagle/Cammy/Terry/Sagat/Maki. They are much easier to chain than most characters. :slight_smile: Oh and C.MK is as fast as it needs to be so don’t waste your time.:wink:


Hmm… interesting, interesting.

So w/ Ryu just go straight into the cMK… might as well… just gonna take some time getting used to cMK-ing at point blanka… I mean blank range.

Do you agree with this about Chun? Again, it feel more natural w/ her to start w/a cLP, but maybe only one? Or would you just cMP 1st thing?

As for the other characters, thank you for the advice! Sagat is actually my anchor. I’m going r2 Ryu r2 Chun just against the computer to learn them. Ryu Chun Sagat would be the team, or at least the one I’m workin on. And I really like N-Terry lately! It seems foolish to play him w/o a dash, but his run is pretty tight too. And lots of lvl 1s!

I suck w/ Cammy.

Edit: Well, I just went into training mode to practice just cMK xx shinku and thinking about your advice. And it worked so well, that it made me realize the problem in the 1st place and now I can do cLK cLP cMK xx shinku! At least way more often than i was this afternoon.

The problem is in that I can do the 2-in-1 so much more often from the standing position, letting me hit the cMK while swooping from neutral to down. I was attempting to crouch and bust out the whole thing. But when I read your post, I realized I could easily cLK cLP QUICKLY STAND UP and then D+Mk xx shinkuu! And I tend to do motions and stuff very quickly… so letting the stick go neutral THEN doing the 2in1 is occuring so quickly, the MK cancels the standup.

Awesome! lol


with ryu definitely don’t go at point blank unless u know for sure it will hit. All u have to do is practice the,c.lp, combo and u’ll get down the timing. With chun li for some reason it seems easier for her to combo her super off of than the shoto Her standing mp into super seems like the same timing for shoto The bad thing about starting with c.lp with her is that it can be blocked high. The one thing i like to do is crossup then go directly into her then buffer super. U can add in a c.lp but if your opponent ends up blocking that then mostly likely they’ll block the all i gotta say is practice, practice, practice. U’ll get it down in no time


Its all timing…
Each characters have their own timing for their combos.
Shotos: u can go fast like…1,2,3(lll)
but with chun-li, its a tad slower…1…,2.,3(l.l.l)
Just figure out how the character moves and jumps, and get the timing for each character…thats the problem.


instead of going lk lk mk shinkuu…
why not try lk x3 shinkuu?
works all the same
and if it works for u consistently, i think u should do it more instead of thinking about that little damge difference between the lk and mk


I would say try it with 1 jab until you can do that, then do 2 jabs… but what do i know, this is one of the reasons i use agroove instead of c… :lol:


Maki is the only character out of them that has chain combos, the rest are links.

and basically the motion I would perform would be, c.lp, hcf, hcf any punch, that is how I perform my combos, I myself and still learning to perfect the timing of it all, but try it like that.


Yeah i used to have that problem and i just practiced til i got the timing down. But due to lack of play lately i gotta relearn it a little. Definitely learn it though because if you wanna mix up and empty jump then hit low the cr lk, cr lp part gives you time to react accordingly. If you just cr mk you won’t have that option. Just try to do the super motion faster and maybe try drumming your fingers over all punches to get those extra inputs


Yeah, i do like to empty small jump into cLK etc…

I’m still having difficulty, but im working on it.

I hear you about drumming the punches for input, but what about the negative edge?

Do you guys hold the linking button down? It seems to help when I actually think to do it, but it’s not in my muscle memory at all yet.

Chun Li’s cMP xx kick super in particular… if i dont hold down mp, she just does her fireball(I have a habit of half circling for quarter circles… but no speed is lost)

Easy in training mode, but when I go on XBL and people are actually trying to hit me, the shit just doesnt come out grrrrr practice practice.

crossups are harder for me to defend with the stick as well… weird, huh? it’s like ive lost the sense of when i need to block, throw out a counter hit, stand, crouch, etc. damn stick!


By chain I meant link.:stuck_out_tongue: