Please help me complete my dual mod

Hi, so i started my dual mod using two pcb’s and trying to follow the diagram from this post

I have a ps3 te stick and a 360 se stick. I disassembled the ps3 te stick and took out the pcb which i want to install to the 360 se stick. Btw, i am not planning to use a switch or something similar, i will have the two usb wires coming out of the case and make sure not to connect them at the same time.

So my main problem is i don’t know how to connect the two pcb’s together. Here are some pics (please excuse the low quality, took them from my crappy phone)

360 se pcb:

PS3 te pcb:

I know i have to connect the power and the ground in the two pcb’s but i am not sure where exactly these contacts are. These contacts btw in case is not clear from the pics are the USB ones. Can someone point me where to solder? Am i looking at the wrong place in the pcb’s?

You’re leaving out all your button signals as well.

I didn’t mention the buttons and the joystick because i understand how to wire those (or at least i think).

My main problem is how to correctly connect the two pcb’s together, then i can see about the buttons/joystick.

If keeping a USB cable attached to each pcb, then all you need to do is solder a wire to connect the two VCC together, and then a wire to connect to any GND point.

Red USB wire goes to VCC. Black USB wires go to GND.

Not sure why your PS3 pcb is labelled like that. ID & NO INDICATION should be GND & 2nd GND

Just a note here the last contact on the ps3 pcb doesn’t say “NO INDICATION” it just doesn’t have anything written, i should have been more clear about this on my post.

Anyway, if i understand this right all i have to do is to solder together the contacts of the red usb wires for the power and any of the two black ones for the ground.

So in my pics for power i solder the contact “USB+” from the 360 pcb into the “5V” contact from the PS3 pcb and for the ground i solder either the “SGND” or the “GND” from the 360 pcb into the “NO INDICATION” or the “ID” contact from the ps3 pcb.

Did i understand it correctly?


Ok i made some progress, connected the two pcb’s together and tried to start wiring the buttons first. Unfortunately it didn’t work correctly. If i connect the 360 pcb the button doesn’t register and if i connect the ps3 pcb the button is always pressed.

Then i tried the JLF, and just for testing i soldered the ground and the down direction only. It works perfectly on both pcb’s!

It seems i don’t quite get how to properly wire the buttons. With the JLF i think it’s more straight forward, all i did was to connect the two joystick grounds from the pcb’s and i soldered this combined cable to the ground connection of the JLF. Same thing exactly with the down direction.

But with the buttons i think the mistake i do is how to connect the ground. Here is the thing, the pcb on the ps3 te has only one ground for the buttons and the 360 se pcb each button has its own ground. I guess this is true for the ps3 te as well but i didn’t touch the pcb with the strip, i only removed the main pcb.

Any ideas?

Hope all that makes sense.

Your 360 motherboard should have all the stock cables attached so that the buttons are already connected via the terminal strip.

All you need to do is solder a wire to the button signal points on the terminal strip and run these to the corresponding points on the PS3 pcb. You don’t need to connect a GND as you have already done so when dual modding the pcb’s. Same with the joystick.

That only applies if you have not tampered with the 360 SE pcb plugs in any way.

Really thanks for the help, i managed to successfully wire the buttons as well. I tested the stick on 360/PS3/PC and everything is working perfectly!

Just a last question, as i said in a previous post i wired the ground for the joystick of the 360 pcb together with the ground of the joystick of the ps3 pcb.

So i am having** both grounds going into ground** of the JLF. Because the JLF was working perfectly i didn’t change anything. Will this be any danger for the stick and/or the console(s) and should i remove one ground from the JLF?

You can have as many GND lines as you like in a common ground setup like yours.

It is just often more practical to simply use one.

In your set-up, all the grounds should be the same, and there shouldn’t be any problems.

After all I’ve decided to install a DPDT switch to make my dual mod better and also because it costs nothing. I guess i should have gone this way from the start.

I’ve read this excellent article Dual modding 101

and i understand the process and how to do the wiring expect one thing.

In this article example we have four usb wires in total, the two data wires, the ground and the vcc. However both the madcatz 360 and PS3 pcb’s have in total five USB wires. Two black, one white, one green and one red. As gahrling said the two black wires should GND and 2nd GND. So my question is what to do the second black wire, do i connect it also in the pcb’s like the other black and the 5V or i somehow i connect it in the DPDT switch? Which i find a little strange because the DPDT has 6 plugs only, unless i am going to combine the two black wires.

The DPDT switch only has to mess with 2 wires. The Green and White wires or the D- and D+ of both PCBs.

At no point should the Ground of +5 volts lines need to be connected to the DPDT

Remember the 2 golden rules of Dual-Modding

Connect ground to ground, as in all PCBs need to be grounded
Connect power to power, All PCBs need power

What needs to be switched back and froth is the 2 data lines.

That 2nd Ground you ether clip off or connect to the first ground

Thanks for the help, i got a DPDT switch i did the wiring and soldering and when i connect the USB cable on my PC, 360 stick works perfectly and no problems whatsoever, when i flip the switch to turn on the PS3 stick Windows pop up the message “USB device not regognized”.

I checked my wiring and soldering and at least from a first look doesn’t seem anything is wrong. Oh, and my DPDT switch also has a neutral off position instead of just ON/ON, i guess this doesn’t matter right?

Edit - So i tried also with another usb cable (the ps3 one) and now both pcb’s aren’t recognized on my PC!

Here is a diagram on what exactly i am doing:

Anything wrong with this?

Nope, aside from the green & white wires being the wrong way round on the console pcb’s.

D- goes next to Red.

I see, yes this a mistake on the diagram, i am pretty sure i didn’t mix up the D- with the D+. I guess i will try one last time from scratch and do it more slowly this time and maybe try another switch while am at it. If it still doesn’t work i will probably go back to the original plan (two USB wires instead of one combined with a switch)

Edit - I fixed the diagram just for the heck of it.

Edit 2 - Got it working! The problem was the soldering on the DPDT switch was not good enough.