Please help me decide on stick art

Hello all. I’m having trouble deciding on the position of the logo for my namco stick art. I might add a background later on, but for now let me know what you think. Thanks.

Image A

Image B

Image C

Image D (no logo)

I would recommend having the art appear much bigger on the stick design. The artwork is sick and highly detailed, so why not flaunt it.

thanks, yea i think ill do that. i was going to use sanwa buttons so i didn’t want the art covered. ill check if the seimitsu clear screw-in buttons will fit in the namco stick.

That Ryu is really ugly imo.

I like C.

I think C would probably be the most balanced. But I think it would look better with a background- Nothing flashy or extremely photoshoped, but just some kind of backdrop that matches the art work, like a game stage or something. And you if wanted to do more you could do alittle gaussion(SP?) blur on the background to give a short depth of feild and make Ryu and Ken pop a little more.