Please help me get better!


I have been playing these darn fighting games for a while and I don’t seem to be getting any better. I want to get better at sf4 and umvc3 but I don’t see the progress. I can’t even link attacks together in sf4 it seems. I am willing to learn from anyone whether it be online or in person. I’ve even ordered a new stick, so who could help me? I play on xbl and my gt is: kingmandamagnus


How much you gonna pay per hour?


Well my high fives are free for the first 15.


Search me up; DAKO360 WOLF. I main Vega but I’m good with everyone else. My mics not working atm but when I do eventually invite you to endless; I would suggest you pm me on here so as to help.


Check online outlets if you want to meet up with other players online. Rarely works though.

Your best bet is to check Regional Matchmaking and meet up with other plays offline, in real life, and train up that way.


Ah that also makes sense.


Street Fighter and fighting games in general have a very high barrier of entry. I recommend using google to read up on the basics and intermediate techniques from a variety of sources and obviously practice practice practice. I’m still not good, but I’ve come a long way from the kid who could barely hadouken playing SF2 on his Super Nintendo and you can too. Just do your research and spend hour after hour in the training room. Make plenty of use of youtube. Whatever it is you don’t understand I can guarantee you there are countless explanations already readily available.


well i can play a couple matches with you i’m on 360 & my tag is {o 2 RawWw o} i’ve played a bunch of characters so i think i can help almost anybody learn the basics when it comes to sf4


I’ll be glad to help! Add my PSN!



Appreciate it folks because at times it feels like I don’t even have the basics down. There are a few locals here that I dare not go to because of the massive amounts of explosions that will happen to me.


Explosions? Do you live in Palestine??


You’d be surprised. People at locals are typically nice guys who will explain a bit to you. Of course, they will explode you. But if you ask they generally will help explain how you got exploded.


So many explosions.

You guys be blowin’ up this thread.



You should be better now, Majin Black_Zeus.


If that works… Please do it to me.



There seems to be something about jabs & crouching jabs that seems important to making some type of progress


jabs are the heart of SF4


Jabs are useless compared to a cross counter! God I love baiting people to Shoryuken only to be suprised that they wasted meter only to get countered!