Please help me get to NYC so I can compete in the WCG VF5 Finals



I was able to qualify for the World Cyber Games VF5 National Finals, but I'm having trouble getting my plane ticket.  I'm not asking for donations, but more or less if someone can help me cover the airfare (which I can pay back).  Here's the email I received from WCG:

WCG Competitor,

Congratulations on making it to the 2009 WCG US National Finals to be held in New York City. Attached is a player?s packet that has all the information needed for you to book your travel and make arrangements for the event.

In order to confirm your spot in the event you MUST reply to this email with the following information before Monday, August 24th:

     Your full name

     Your alias

     The game discipline and qualifier # you won

     Your phone #

     Your travel itinerary as an attachment (flight #, etc.)? if you are driving please note this

     If you are on a team, include your team name and your team captain must specify which players from your online roster will be attending (5 only for Counter-Strike, 4 only for Gears of War 2)

On Monday, August 24th, we will be moving to back-up teams and players. It is very important that you respond to this email as soon as possible to ensure your spot in the event. There will be NO exceptions.

We hope to see you in New York next month!


WCG Tournament Staff

The current cost for a plane ticket from PDX to LGA (La Guardia Airport) is between $330 to $400 taxes included.

WCG will pay a $250 travel stipend to all competitors that make the trip.

I can pay the difference ($80 to $150 + stipend) after all is said and done. I’d like to keep it simple and have one or 2 people helping on this matter. 20 people helping out with $20 each is fine too. Whatever it takes.

This years VF5 National Finals has only 2 West Coast players (afaik).

Deadline for my entry is August 24th.

If needed, I can forward anyone with more info on the travel stipend and such.

EDIT: Here’s the winning bracket:

And here’s the single elim bracket:


How soon would it be to get paid back? (Not trying to sound like a dick at all here, but I’d be willing to help, just need to know when I’d get it back cause with the demotion and all I’m trying to adjust my spending)


The event is from September 25th-27th, I get back on the 28th. Most if not all donors will be paid back by the 29th.

EDIT: I can have everything paid back before the event. I fly out on September 24th if all goes well.


We’ll talk @ nwm’s. I’ll see what I can do to help.