Please help me I suck



It’s true. I went to a tourney and got 0-2’d, and pee’d all over on. While warm it hurt my very soul, and then someone told me I was free.

But I don’t want to be free. I want to be super over-priced. Please teach me the ways!

Things I know so far- cross up forward > COD
Tell me that cheap stuff. Point the way to super duper threads.



Thanks for all your great help I am now a Abel master and ranked best in the world!


Facebook group… check the respective thread for the link.
You’re welcome to join.

Direct contact with a lot of good players

Complete Abel guide has some stuff… just click around and read what the players here have had to say.
You’ll find what you’re lookin for




off of a falling sky i wouldn’t really do a focus attack. you can start a nice wake up game by back dashing and doing a lk roll to land in front or mk roll behind and you can go from command grab, cl.hp or whatever you feel the need to after.


thanks I’ll use that actually! I haven’t really worked that roll mix up into my game yet, scrub lvl still too high


I would like to learn Abel he’s always looked like a character I would learn I’ve played several characters all of which are top tier fei cammy akuma viper rufus (imo rufus is top) even seth I’m tired of being called a tier whore & I would like to play characters that I’m going to have fun with opposed to just trying to win with hit me up on xbl OG Swiizy