Please help me improving my game (Videos!)

Well. I’m a dire Chun player. Been playing her like a week, and SF not much longer.

I have the basics but my gameplay and execution e.t.c are beyond bad.
My game sense is horrific - and I currently sit at 1500 BP (AMAZING ISN’T IT!?!?!?!?!?)

I have uploaded several videos to

The one im most interested in reciving feedback on is this one: - specifically in round 3 as to why my ultra doesnt connect.

for you all too watch, comment on my play, leave ideas for improvement or where to focus my game, or just to horribly abuse me, because thats fun too.

I will constantly be adding more videos over the coming weeks/months/years/however long i continue to refrain from raging and breaking (another) monitor with a raging shoryuken to the screen to track my progress.

Cheers. - Biggest nub ever.

jump less, block more, mash only when its confirmed in a combo.

dont make new threads to ask questions that have a different place to be put… you should have posted this in the video thread.

your play is very good for a 1 weeker though… only watched the first half of round 1. stopped when you ultrad through fireball.

you just need more experience and to play offline.

come back in a month or 2 and post in the video thread instead… your play is way to beginner to really comment on without just ripping you a new one…

read up in the strategy and matchups threads, post specific questions rather than broad ones whenever possible… the answers you get will be easier to understand.