Please help me make a christmas prez for a fantastic girl...$50, yes, $50 on the line


OK, here’s what I need help with, cause my graphic art skills are shockingly more poor than I remembered. I have a scan of this amazing girl from my work (stole her pic from the staff room, HAHAHA! Don’t say stalker, we always do silly shit to each other. AND it’s all just friendly, the age difference is too great. Just think she’s a fantastic person. No lusting whatsoever :confused: ), and she’s a mega Jim Morrisson fan. So what I want, is to cut her out of the picture (a lot of grossly colored background, I work at a theater), and put her as seamlessly as possible into a group picture of The Doors, which I’ll get made into a poster.

Here’s the kicker: I will personally, in respect for the holiday season, send a cheque for $50 to whoever can produce the highest quality image by Thursday night (may even post them as attachments and let you buffs judge). Just PM me your address, and I swear on all that is holy, that I will send you the cheque via mail (remember, I’m a Canuck, so it’ll take a little longer for the mail.) If I welch on the bet, I will give you her address, and you can use your photoshop skills to send her a pic of me getting pumped in the bum.

Reply to this post with your e-mail, and I’ll send you 4-5 possible Doors pics to impose her into.

This is a rare chance for an SRK member to a.)Provide REAL GIRL ASSISTANCE to a fellow member! b.)Get paid to do what porbably won’t take all THAT much effort with some skill and a decent comp.

So how bout it? Will you help my christmas dreams come true? :lol: :lol:


i’m game.


Fantastic! I wasn’t expecting a reply so fast! Thus far, Wombat is is the frontrunner to be the recipient of a COOL $50! PM me the results, and your home address.

Oh yeah, one other thing: I have a bad feeling that I scanned the girl WAY too big. If you need a smaller pic, let me know and I’ll re-scan. Ditto the fact that I saved it as a .bmp. Again, I know shit about computer art.

ALSO: I may be an asshole on these boards sometimes, but I am NOT malicious. In fact, when it comes to actually pulling evil shit on people, I’m quite the pussy. As such, giving me your home address will NOT result in any bullshit such as magazine subscriptions, late-night pizza deliveries, or 9-11 calls. Only problem is, I have no real compensation, other than my own home address. Well, as Peppy always says, “Trust your instincts!”

NOTE: The $50 is not an empty promise. With the way my friends are right now, I either blow $50 on some random gift, or blow my life savings (which is quite fat right now, due to travel plans) on large amounts of coke.


i didn’t get any photos bro


i’ll give it a shot


Yup, don’t worry, I’m just getting everything together into a zip file right now.


Im up for it!


Awesome, thanks guys! Even with the prize, I really wasn’t expecting anyone to respond…

Oh yeah, and I don’t expect one each for all the pictures. Just whichever one you can make look the most realistic. Also, feel free to sign your work, but obviously just a little blurb at the bottom or something.

I’m still going to try and do this as well, maybe I’ll show you all my pathetic attempt when it’s all said and done?


I’ll try too if you you’re still offering: :Edit


yo, rolling. you sent me an e-mail, but i think you forgot the attachments. i still have no pictures.


OK! I’m actually better at this crap than i thought! I can give you all a much better view of what I want now, and as such I’ll e-mail you all again.

Basically, I want it to be the pic of the girl, cropped to obviously everything that ISN’T yellow. In the middle of the attached pic of said doors, preferably with her in the background BEHIND the two in the middle of the shot. Also, obviously, quality counts for a lot. Not sure just how much is possible these days. I just know that my comp is junk, and that The Doors pic which I’m using here isn’t of the highest quality. Anything you can do to essentially touch this all up so that it WON’T look like a comp pic is preferable.

My thoughts are with you all!

The attachment is SOMETHING like what I want, but better cropping on the girl, and possibly behind the two guys in the middle, like I said.

EDIT: Ew. On my comp, the attachment looks like poo, despite looking fine when I open it through Corel. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll get the just of it.


a) do you have a color pic of her?
b) do you want us to try to color it, or just b&w the whole thing
c) can you either resend or repost a smaller pic of just the girl?

do you want us to add anything? band logo or anything?


sad …sad… people. what people will do for a buck. dude if you want someone to impose a pic i’ll do it for free as long as your trying to get laid and not trying to be nice.


swett…will do it for free…this is like the grinch story… i think sweets heart just grew 3 sizes!


OK, I still don’t quite know what I’m doing…

When I scan the pic,

a.) should I resize it at all, or just send you the pic as big as it is in the original photo?

b.) I now know to send it in color, so I’ll do that.

c.) Any particular file type?

ALSO: Yes, a little band logo in the either bottom corner would be cool. In fact, if you can find better shots of the group, or even just Jim Morisson that you can superimpose her on, that’d be great!

EDIT: My e-mail address is (NO, not a joke). Send me anything there.


OK! I will also now send everyone the straight-from-scanner pic of her.

The image is around 1 mb, sorry…


what the fuck are you talking about!??


Go look in IMM, I already said I’d do it for free as well, and he never sent me her image.



OK! The deadline draws near (I get off work tomorrow at 5 pst, and that’s when I’d like the shit by).

I have a very bad feeling that somehow, I’ve screwed up and not sent a lot of you the images I wanted help with…

ANYONE WHO DID NOT RECEIVE AN E-MAIL ENTITLED Rolling STAAAAAAART’S Pics Again (the e-mails I sent it to were: ;,,,,

Again, I admit that it’s 100% my fault that everything’s going at a snail’s pace. IF YOU NEED ME TO RESEND THE PICS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THIS THREAD! E-MAIL ALL SUBMISSIONS TO



Hate to say this, after all of your hard wor,k, but…

I made one myself, that I really like, and doesn’t cost me $50.

However, if you’re still working on the shit, then finish up and send me it anyways, I might like it more, and if you show initiative, even if I don’t use it, you may still receive the $$$ for creativity.

You guys like? Fairly simple, but it works…