Please help me make my decision

Here’s the thing. I have a HRAP (CFJ edition) but with my GGPO addiction and now sf4 coming out soon on the 360 I was thinking of getting a stick working for pc and 360. The 360 Hori EX2 looks awesome in that it will basically work on both but I’d still want to mod in Sanwa parts.

I don’t see myself playing on a ps2 anytime soon and if I hit up tournaments again I wouldn’t mind just using whatever they got (not a big fan of the stiffer american style but it works).

So would you guys think it’s easier to just put in a 360 pcb in the HRAP or should I just buy the 360 Hori EX2 and just mod in Sanwa stick/buttons (taken from my HRAP, I have Sanwa buttons on it)?

Modding the 360 Hori EX2 looks like a bitch honestly and it seems like the same amount of work will go into both decisions. I don’t know I’m leaning towards the EX2 because I sort of want a smaller case lol.

Just buy a converter and keep your stick the way it is now.

Theres only one Ps2-X360 converter and it’s expensive. Try a dual mod. Ask someone around here on how to do/ do it for you.

Or he could get sf4 for the PC because xbox live sucks.

Well that’s a completely different story haha.

It’s for PC as well? I don’t know if my computer will be capable of running it well though. Built mine four years ago so it’s not really great anymore.

What is a dual mod? Two pcbs at once? In that case I guess the best plan is to just not buy the EX2 and buy a 360 pcb instead and get to work. I’m assuming the 1st party 360 controller has the most compatible pcb?

Read this whole thread so that you could get a feel of what kind of work will be involved in doing such a setup.

I had the same dilemma about a few months ago. I ended up going with an ex2 since it was a few bucks cheaper but in all reality I could’ve gone either way. I went for the ex2 since I already have 2 hraps and didn’t exactly want a third.

An hrap2 runs for 150+, sanwa parts are close to 50-60, and then the 360 mod which is more money if you don’t do it yourself.

The ex2 is like 30-35 and my mod ran me 110 or so with parts and labor. So, it was a difference of about $100 for me since I don’t want to mess with getting the right height on the sanwa and soldering everything.

I haven’t even touched the stick after a few plays of VF5 :lol: but, at least I have it now for the new fighters coming out plus I can use that or my hraps on my pc since I have usb adapters. :bgrin:

ex2 30-35? On playasia it’s listed at like 85. Are we thinking of the same stick?

Try ebay, I got a DOA4 stick for $26

If you have the option, definately buy it for the PC. That way if it doesn’t have a decent match-making system, lobby programs like GGPO could still potentially be utilised.

It’s just a question of whether you feel more comfortable with a soldering iron in your hand, or a Dremel in your hand. Cost is higher going the EX2 route, but you get a second stick and very little soldering work. I’d prefer a soldering iron and would go the HRAP route, but that’s me.

Adding internet play to an emulator that is open source, and hacking a program to create online play are two different things.

If the PC version comes with lan play, there may be work arounds like hamachi, but it would be far more laggy than 2DF/GGPO.

I got mine off ebay. You can get 'em real cheap there.