Please help me mod my WWE Brawl Stick!

I just got myself a WWE Brawl Stick for $30 on Amazon and I’d like to switch out the controls. (Incidentally, wow — that MadCatz clone stick is just awful. Mine had an issue with a washer inside the stick which I hear is quite common, and even after gluing it on, the stick still feels “chunky” and unresponsive, especially in the diagonals. And my only frame of reference is my MadCatz TE stick, which I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks. I’d always assumed that a novice like me would never be able to tell the difference between a good stick and a budget stick, but it’s really quite obvious!)

Now, I’m a heavy shoot-em-up and sidescroller player, and my current TE stick isn’t really suited for that. (Have you ever played Metal Slug with Sanwa parts? It’s a pretty miserable experience!) I figure I’ll probably keep my TE the way it is for fighting games and mod the WWE for general, non-competitive arcade gameplay.

  1. I really like clicky, tactile, American-style buttons. In fact, they’re probably one of my favorite reasons for playing arcade games! Unfortunately, from what I understand, the standard Happ/IL buttons are just a bit too long to fit into my case. Are there any shorter clicky buttons out there (that won’t break after a month of use)? Or alternatively, can the Happ/IL buttons be “trimmed”? (I don’t want to mod my actual case just to get some buttons in there.)

  2. I hear that Seimitsu sticks are pretty good for shoot-em-ups. I might go for the LS-32, but I’ve also been thinking about getting a “heavier” stick, like the bat-top sticks in American Metal Slug cabinets. Are there any heavier Sanwa/Seimitsu sticks, and will I have to get extra parts to make them compatible with my case? (Happ sticks are too big to fit into a WWE/SE case, right?)

  3. Eventually, I’d like to be able to add PS3 (+other?) support to my stick. Am I correct in understanding that Toodles’ Chimp will work here? (And the Kitty won’t work, correct?)

  4. In case I decide to go with the LS-32, where can I get an octagonal restrictor for it?

Thank you!

  1. Try Seimitsu buttons. Either snap-in or screw-in, but they both feel very different.

  2. Not sure if a Sanwa JLW will fit in a Brawlstick without modification. Aside from that an LS-32-01 should serve you well for shmups and will be easier to install than a basic LS-32.

  3. ChImp SMD is your friend, or a cut down Cerberus board. But either option will require soldering.

I normally hate brawlstick threads (really, please search next time) but if you want that clicky button feel then look here for the next reincarnation of cherry switches

HBFS-30 New Color Release~All New Arcade Button~Update: 05/10/2014
They won’t be ready till Octoberish but well worth it when they’re out!

Please learn to use the search feature. Or read the stickies. Or better yet, BOTH.

Sorry guys. It’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for in tens of different threads, especially insofar as opinions are concerned. Specifically for question 1, I found a few references to shorter clicky buttons, but nothing about how good they are or how they compare to classic Happ buttons.

I’m not even trying to be a dick here, but you clearly didn’t check the two stickies with ALL of your answers up top.

I’m sorry. Maybe you’re right, but I still can’t find an answer to my first question, regarding shorter clicky buttons, in either of the two threads you linked. I’ve gone through the first sticky as well as many of the links in the second sticky.

And I’m sorry about the rest of my questions. You’re right — I found the answers after poking around for an hour. In case anyone else finds them useful:

  1. There’s a nice comparison table here. Sticks often recommended by shoot-em-up players include: LS-32 (but it might be too loose), LS-40 (a nice intermediary between the 32 and 56), and LS-56 (very tight — feels like a Japanese version of an American stick if you use a bat top) with possibly an octagonal gate. You might need to use an MS mounting plate with Seimitsu sticks.
  2. Octagonal restrictors do not exist for the LS-32. The LS-56 has one. But actually, the only reason I wanted an octagonal restrictor was because I thought the American Metal Slug cabinets might have had them. After trying out an arcade cabinet in our office building earlier today, I suspect they might have had circular restrictors. (Incidentally, if anyone knows for sure what restrictors American Neo-Geo cabinets had, I’d very much appreciate an answer. I’ve been Googling this for the past hour!)


MS mounting plate for LS-55, 56, 58

SS plate for LS-32

RE plate for LS-40

LS-33 depends.