Please help me out with the WWII bomb!

I want to be able to point at them too!

Anyway, in the recent Clock/DPC matches, I realised that Clock used the bombs extensively to his favour. Seeing as how I live in a place where I’m the only Strider/Doom player as far as I can tell in the local arcades, I have no real idea why using the bomb would be beneficial. All I can tell is that somehow Clock was able to snuff AHVBs with it. Is it meant solely as a move to counter AHVB, or is there something else to it?

Basically, I’d like to know what’re the practical uses of the bomb, cause I’ve no idea.

Thanks in advance.

Shoultzula made a wonderful thread entirely about bomb properties and usefuless awhile back. It’s called " da bomb" and you should definitely check it out.