Please help me pick a character


Hey everyone. I’ve just gotten back into this game after a several month long hiatus and bought a new stick. I have decent fundamentals, but for some reason, I can’t seem to pick a character and stick with him/her. I like to play offensive, but want to work on my defense too. I play Ragna in Blazblue, Sol& Potemkin in Guilty Gear, Leo in Tekken, and Alex in 3S. If anybody had any suggestions that’d be great. :smiley:


Well, you can either pick a character you like by: looks, story, or moves. Picking a characters for being top tier could be another option. May I ask you what game are you referring to when picking your main?


Street Fighter 4 and maybe Persona 4 Arena


Characters that fit your playstyle (similar to archetypes you played already) and are played offensively but also teach you a solid defense imo would be:
SF4: Ken
P4A: Kanji

Both characters: have easier execution combos compared to the rest of the cast, incorporate a very scary throw game, and will better your recognition of opponent’s tendencies/habits/patterns since everybody is afraid of getting scooped up into another grab (Ken with his kara throw, Kanji with his command grab).

Ken will better your fundamentals as a player by incorporating good spaced pokes, true block strings and incorporating frame traps.
Kanji will better your recognition of an opponent’s thought process by directly forcing them into commands grab mixups which tie directly back to Ken kara throw game.


Well, Street Fighter 4, I would recommend Ryu. I know it sounds very generic but Ryu has a lot of fundamentals that can help you understand game. As for Persona Arena, I would say to use Yu, and the reasoning behind this answer is the same for Street Fighter 4. I’ll be honest with you, I think you are better picking characters you want to play, it gives you more motivation to play the game because you want to show off the character. Obviously, this being my opinion, I hope for the best. :slight_smile: