Please help me start this game! Coming from SF4

Sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn’t sure where else to put it. here is a vdieo of me playing


how the hell do i do the combos where I go from one character to the next, back the original?

how do i combo into the double super art, the one that costs 2 bars?

is my team really bad? I like playing these characters but will i lose 90% of matches just beceause my team is so bad?

when is the best time to tag? doing FADC shit seems unsafe

thanks again!

I’ll try my best to answer these…

  1. There are two ways to make a combo switching to another character and vice versa. The meterless one is through the use of the launcher. The most basic launcher combo is your traditional jab>strong>fierce>fierce combo. Once the launcher hits the opponent will be put in a juggle state as your second character rushes into action. At this point, the juggled opponent is completely free to the incoming character’s attack. Please take note that you can do up to two launchers in a single combo, as a launcher to an airborne/bound opponent will render the latter to be impossible to combo. This is made in order to prevent launcher infinites. The second method is through the use of a switch cancel, which uses a bar of meter. This can be done by pressing the character switch buttons (mp+mk) once the point character’s attack’s active frames if the attack was hit or block. Depending on the attack made by the point character, it may require a bit of timing to pull off successfully. To better explain what the hell I’m talking about, here’s a video of my team’s combo:

As you see the video, the switch was made during the times when each character’s moves hit. There will be a white flash on the outgoing character indicating that a switch will happen.

  1. The double super is either a Cross Art or a Cross Assault, which uses 3 bars. The Cross Art is done by QCF (mk+mp) while Cross Assault uses QCB (mk+mp)

  2. It’s difficult to answer this one, as some players are able to make the most out of teams which some would think would be the worst teams one could come up with.

  3. The best tag-in situation usually requires the use of meter through switch cancel. Use moves which has a big amount of stun so that the defending player will not have enough time to attack the incoming character.

ok right now im going Jab strong then HP + HK at the same time, then the character switches, then i will do something like jab then HP HK and it seems impossible to switch back… I have even tried to do it with the FADC flash kick or up ball and nothing.

and i know how to do the cross assault but how do you combo into it? it seems like if both the characters are on the screen you cant do it, you can only do something like jab into it or do it raw, is there no way to do a launcher into it?

Let’s see here. Since your team is Blanka/Guile, you can make Blanka do your launcher combo, and then when Guile comes in do, xx Flash Kick then press the mk+mp as soon as the Flash Kick hits. Blanka will come in and then you may probably do xx Beast Roll.

Nailing an airborne opponent with a launcher can be very difficult to do. In my team’s case, I can do it with Ryu (launch) Juri (launch) Ryu since Juri has a ground bounce attack. Juri (launch) Ryu (launch) Juri is impossible for me, though.

Cross Assault can only be fully utilized if the team consists of two players. For single player teams the usual main use of Cross Assault is to share life between teams.

i actually didnt mean cross assault i mean the Super… I think cross assault is when both guys come on the screen like scramble mode with the classic SF2 music.

but i think I get it, I just need to extend my combo by doing an extra MP so that the other partner has more time to get off the screen because if they are still on the screen the game doesnt let you activate the quick tag (the mp + Mk one you land a hit / FADC type thing)

Depends on your characters and what you’re looking for as there’s two methods of doing this.

  1. Tag canceling (mp+mk while actively landing a hit). Your character flashes white and your partner comes running in under your control to continue the combo. Costs 1 bar.
  2. Relaunch combos. I don’t know of any for your characters specifically so I’ll give an example using my team (Juri / Asuka).
    • (Juri) LK xx MK xx HK xx Launcher > (Asuka) F+LK xx F+LP > Launcher.
    • In the above combo Juri boost chains to Asuka who then juggles the opponent higher into the air and ends with a launcher to switch back to Juri. The advantage to doing something like this over a tag cancel is that you get to extend your combo without using meter and without having to leave your other character in if you choose no to (incase they’re down on health or would be in a bad matchup).

If both characters are currently on the screen (even if one is currently running off screen) you are unable to do any sort of function that requires both characters. This includes:

  • Level 3 Supers (cross arts)
  • Cross Assault
  • Tag Canceling
  • Launcher (Well, the launcher will come out and hit, but your partner will not come out if they’re currently on screen)

You’ll need to extend your combo’s long enough to get your partner off screen before you can use any of those options during a tag combo. That said, it’s best to do supers and cross art’s with minimal scaling to get the best damage for your meter. The act of combo’ing into cross assault is most useful when you’re playing with an actual human controlling your teammate (the computer loves to be stupid during cross assault sadly).

[details=Spoiler] Cross assault combos in team-play

I can’t speak of the team itself, but as for the characters.

Guile: Not the greatest at what he does in this game. He’s not exactly terrible because his normals are still pretty darn strong BUT he took a fairly big health nerf in the 1.08 patch and his damage output solo and as a partner is fairly low. Also, don’t ever throw out his sweep unless you’ve confirmed the hit (or you plan to tag cancel the first hit) because after the first hit is blocked the opponent can raw-launch you for free and get 400+ damage.

Blanka: Largely unexplored character. Great mobility and strong normals, but low combo potential outside of boost chains. All of his balls are punishable by the majority of the cast in this game and electrics are vulnerable to being raw launched. Most of the people exploring him are busy trying to break the game with his blockstun infinite.


Blockstun infinite.

If it were me I’d look into replacing one of the two with someone with better damage output, but thats me.

This is a very team/situation dependent question, but the general answer is “whenever doing so will get you damage or put you in a better situation”. I’d suggest looking for the following things with your team and then finding ways to apply them.

  • Safe tags. Comes in two forms:

    1. Tag canceling off a move that has multiple hits or enough blockstun that your characters can not be punished when you tag off it. (example: Ryu’s F+MP, when tag canceled on the first hit is safe on block.)
    2. Moves that knockdown your opponent long enough for you to safely tag out. (example: Any of Xiaoyu’s combo’s ending in her She can safely raw tag out into her partner afterwards and there’s nothing you can do about it.)
  • Meterless Relaunch combos. Not every character has these and few have really good ones (Nina is a prime example of a character has an excellent relaunch combo). But if you do have them you’ll have increased your options for controlling the pace of the match considerably.

  • Resets into unscaled Tag cancels/Launcher. This is by far one of the best ways to go about getting big damage. If you can find practical ways to do it with your team you will blow many people up very quickly.

  • 400+ damage combos for one bar or less off of practical confirms. Not absolutely required, but having this will make your life a LOT easier as many of the people you’ll play will have access to this kind of damage.

  • Strong Anti-air combo’s for 1 bar or less. Since the reward in this game is so high for landing a jump-in, you need as strong of an AA as you can get to be able to make people think twice about jumping at you. Unlike AE a single hit AA is typically not enough to keep someone grounded.

  • CADC stuff is indeed unsafe (most characters are -5 after a CADC forward, though there are exceptions) but as long as it’s something you use sparingly you can catch your opponent off guard with them.

thanks so much man helped me out massively i think i understand the game a little better. I will keep this saved as a resource.

Id probably change one of your characters. Both of them are good on point because they have good footsies and stuff but you should also get someone on the team who gets damage done

ok. none of the tekken characters are charge characters are they? i am much better at doing those moves

Nope unfortunately not :confused: