Please help me strengthen my game

After playing Cvs2 yesterday with a friend I notice that I’m losing to a shit load of REALLY stupid things. Before getting into these things I’ll go over my team, groove, a lil bit of my play style, etc.

My team:

P groove: Kyo, Cammy, R2 Sagat

I never jump in, and I play EXTREMELY patiently, being taught by LTB :o. I’m probably the youngest player in my area at 17. I don’t got my license so I don’t really play against competition. I only play in the training mode to get my execution down and such. So therefore I’m not getting practically ANY competition. Some things I have to begin to get better at are:

  • Taking advantage of situations when they are merely handed to me. I must get it through my thick skull that when a person misses me with a DP…I should super not THROW my opponent

  • Stop relying on parrying as much as I do

  • Stop playing on my stupid Playstation 2 dual shock controller!!! Switching from controller to Arcade stick is such a huge adaptation that I can’t pull off my combos. therefore my execution is horrible

There are a handfull of other things that I know I need to practice however these two weaken my game quite a bit. However if you guys could put some input on the following problems I’m having…that’d be greatly appreciated.

  1. I know how to play footsies pretty well, however I am very suceptible to rolling. After my opponent rolls, I either

A. try to throw them in the middle of their roll, or

B. throw out a to stop them in their tracks. However…When this happens my opponent does:

Roll, Special/Activate/DP

What the hell am I supposed to do against this random crap?

  1. I’m having the hardest trouble against people who throw out hadoukens. Since I use P groove, I mainly parry the hadouken…however at the same time I see Iori jumping, or dashing towards me. This gives my opponent major benefits. Kcxj taught me that I need to create weaknesses in my opponents if they aren’t giving them to me. Therefore I’m doing the exact oppisite in that they are zoning ME! When my opponents are up on life, their main strategey is to throw tiger shots all day till time ends…What am I to do!?

  2. Wake up DP/special just kills me. What can I do to stop being hit by these things? Should I let off of my opponent when he has meter? Once I do this I start being baragged by a bunch of hadouken/tiger shots.

  3. Cammy’s spiral arrow into Cannon spike is getting the best of me. Every time that Cammy does a nicely distanced Spiral arrow, I try to keep cool and back off cuz she has good recovery (when distanced). However sometimes i try and sweep her with my Sagat, and Kyo…however she always hits me with the cancel into cannon spike. I’ve tried hitting her with a DP of my own…and that seemed to work. However my opponent switches me up and does no Cannon spike after the spiral arrow :mad:. So what should I do? Lay off of her?

These are my main problems…I hate being killed by scrubs like this…I know I’m quite newb to be hit by these things…however as I said before…if you could help me out, that’d be great.

[quote=Mickey D’]
My team:

P groove: Kyo, Cammy, R2 Sagat

  1. After my opponent rolls, I either
    A) try to throw them in the middle of their roll, or

B) throw out a to stop them in their tracks. However…When this happens my opponent does:

Roll, Special/Activate/DP

What the hell am I supposed to do against this random crap? **
Learn to tech. If they super, activate, DP, or etc., then you can just block and only have to worry about throws. Then you can tech those once you get it down.

2. I’m having the hardest trouble against people who throw out hadoukens. etc**What am I to do!?****
If you’re getting zoned, try to get past the fireball instead of parrying it. With Kyo, your best bet is to probably just small jump over it. With Cammy, just dash over it into throw or, parry xx counter. Depends on what you think/know/feel the opponent will do. With Sagat just parry to tiger knee. It’s safer to do at that point rather than DP and it gets you out of zoning. Also, if they’re moving, it may hit them.

3. Wake up DP/special just kills me. Should I let off of my opponent when he has meter?**
Yes you should. Or you can bait.
Example: On wakeup do a few whiffs walk back a tiny bit and wait, if they don’t do anything, you can:
A)Walk up that tiny bit into a quick throw.
B)Attack with a pressure string.
If they attack and you get hit then you can just bait the same attack and counter. If you get zoned by a bunch of fireballs then follow step 2 above.

4. Cammy’s spiral arrow into Cannon spike is getting the best of me.**
Again, this is basically the same situation as the random wakeup super, etc. Just bait it. Wait for them to attack, if they don’t then you attack. Next time it happens, if they don’t attack, throw because they may think you’re going to attack again.

Don’t catch yourself trying to parry every single attack because it will become a huge problem. If you do you will find yourself eating a lot of empty jump throws and shit.

If your opponent gets roll happy be sure to look for it but don’t force it. Usually they will roll if you’re ducking in place, so try not to turtle too much. If you see the roll early simply stand up and throw them out of it. If you see the roll too late your reaction time fucking sucks and you should quit playing P - Groove and possibly CvS2.

I used to get fucked up by wake up moves as well. If they have meter don’t be afraid. If you score a knockdown get up in there face while their on the ground and throw out random’s or cr.lp’s and as they are getting up let off and block low. A lot of the time this will make people blow supers and be left open. Don’t do this all the time because if they catch on they will simply throw you. Another option would be to jump at them after a knock down and anticipate a wake up special and parry it. Basically just mix it up and keep your opponent confused.

Cammy’s a fucking slut. Try to anticipate the spiral arrows and parry them.

Basically, I don’t touch P - Groove I hope I atleast helped you out a little bit though.

If they’re even getting you with this, then you’re not reacting fast enough. You can throw before they can even activate or anything. So if they’re getting anything on you then you need to either look for it earlier or space out the roll to bait the dp or activate.

Parrying too much will make you dependent on it. If they’re spamming fireballs just be patient and close the gap slowly. Get it to the point where you can low jump over it and punish with cr mk xx super. Or just block, no need to panic over blocking a fireball. Also, if you find them jumping or dashing after it, keep that in mind if you parry the fireball. If I see a dash I usually go for a low parry, especially if its Guile trying to follow up a sonic boom with cr mk. If they jump, consider parry into dp anti air.

Bait it. If you do meaty’s all the time you’re asking for a DP. Like with Kyo, you can do the st mp meaty a bit earlier so it’ll whiff, then just block while getting ready for a tech in case they try to throw instead of DP. Or if you’ve got them blocking and suspect a DP, back off a bit as they wake up, then walk back in to keep the pressure or punish if they DP.

You should try hitting her out of the spiral arrow so she doesn’t get a chance to cannon spike. Especially if she’s doing it from a good distance. Offhand, Kyo’s cr mp (I think), Eagle’s st mk, and Chun’s cr lp all stuff it. If she didn’t space it properly and you think she’ll cannon spike, do a quick st jab and then block. So if she sees a limb and tries to dp it you can block it.

i’ve been getting better at punishing rolls and i just went at it from a range standpoint. know the roll lengths of your opponents and try to stay at around 1/2 of their roll distance if you think they will roll on you. at that range a throw is always safe. if you feel you are out of 1/2 distance but not near full distance, start mashing on c.LK when they roll and finish of your combo. if you get pushed back to where you think they will roll right next to you, just block (against yamazaki with meter jump the fuck away), or you could also play it like the opponent is waking up and bait something. kyo also has the brain-dead roll counter in df+HK which hits low twice and leaves you safe.

Thank you for all the help guys. It means a lot to me. I’m gonna try and get better at throwing rolls on reaction. Thats something that I can definetly work on.

People who spam hadoukens…well thats something I’m going to have to learn by my self it seems. Closing in the gap and then short hopping seems like the best way…thanks LG!

Learning how to fight off wake up DP’s…great info on that guys, that was more than helpfull.

Cammy’s Spiral arrow -> Cannon spike…well it looks like I really haven’t gotten a great answer towards this question…I got a question for you LG…I do know that Kyo’s does beat out spiral arrows…but what if these spiral arrows are RC’d? Don’t they go through and cammy gets the hit off?

All in all thank you for helping me out.

If she RC’s it, only the start up is invincible. I doubt a perfectly spaced RC spiral arrow will go through. If thats a problem, consider moves that pick you up off the ground. Like Chun can far st rh over it, Guile st mk … then punish. With Kyo you have two other options. His command overhead (rdp+k)whicih leaves the ground after the first frame so you can hit her right as she is in her recovery and get the knockdown. And what I consider to be the better option, straight low jump up. If you predict it with Kyo, do straight low jump up rh (try to do it as late as possible so you can link normals off of it) st rh xx flame super. Or his bnb.