Please help me to get an XRGB-2 (not plus) to output 31Khz Hsync VGA


I’m trying to get CPS-2 SSF2T working with a VGA crt that will do ~30Khz Hsync using an XRGB-2 (not plus) as a scan converter. When I wire things up, the ‘input’ light on the XRGB-2 comes on, but the 15Khz light is lit, and the CRT indicates that it’s getting a 15Khz Hsync signal.

I don’t read Japanese, so the manual isn’t of much help. Is there some magic button combination that I can push to have the XRGB2 put out 31Khz VGA instead?

In case it matters: To hook the CPS-2 to the XRGB I’m using a hand-wired RGB-21 cable. I don’t know much about RGB-21. I’ve got the RGBS from the JAMMA wired to corresponding pins on the RGB-21 connector, and the video ground hooked to all of the RGBS grounds. (Is there something I should be doing with the other pins? I especially wonder about Video Signal, AV control, and RGB video signal mask - pins 16,11, and 12) is the best documentation I can find on RGB-21 pinout. (I’ve also seen it referred to as “Japanese SCART”.)


You might want to ask on the shmups forum, but have you tried resetting your xrgb 2? Power it off, hold all 4 buttons and power it on.


Yeah, I’ve tried resetting.


Have you tried turning the xrgb2 off, holding up and pressing the power button to turn it on? That is supposed to force 31khz output (15khz forced is down + power, according to the pdf i found)


That did the trick. Thanks.
If the PDF is in English, can you link to it please?





Hi everyone,
I’m trying to get and XRGB2 Plus to output a 15Khz signal from a 30Khz VGA input (Downscan). There is no English manual I can find online or any info on how to do this :confused: Anyone out there able to help?

My application is running MAME from my PC to my 15Khz RGB monitor.


Did you look at the PDF file linked above?

Turn it on while holding power and ‘downward triangle’.


Yep, tried that. I read through that manual but the 2 and 2 plus are very different. When I hold down triangle and power on it enters 47khz mode I believe (thats what lights up), which is a mode the predecessor didn’t have.

Hopefully someone here has a 2 Plus that has tried it, or translated manual. I’m also curious what syncs the XRGB 2 / 2Plus output on the monitor side (horizontal, vertical, composite, all 3?) Theres a lot of documentation out there for the SCART input but almost nothing for the VGA and monitor outputs that I could find.


Sorry. Missed the “plus” reading comprehension FTW… I guess I’d try powering up with different button combinations.

Not sure if this is the 15Khz mode you’re looking for:
How to enable low screen resolution ?

Options → Low screen resolution → ON
XRGB-2 plus will be able to output at 320x240 (15 kHz) and 640x400 (24 kHz).
Note : this option should be used only with a classic japanese PC monitor (PC-988x and X68k).